Housing Predicament

by Jessie Veeder I’ve already met so many nice people on-line in North Dakota, or formerly of ND. The word Dakota comes from the Sioux word for “friend.” From FaceBook pages to blogs, from city to ranch, so many nice people. One of my new on-line friends noted that the winters aren’t really that bad. I’m going to hold her to that.

But at the risk of never getting an apartment anywhere in Minot any time soon, I have to say that the property managers are rather laissez-faire when it comes to returning phone calls and emails. Though it’s been explained to me that apartments, houses, and what not, are hard to come by as people are waiting in line for a tour or to fill out an application. Being over 1,200 miles away in New Mexico doesn’t work well either. So I’m putting a message out to the universe – I will find the right apartment, it will be absolutely darling, I will pay exactly what I want to pay, and it will be close to where the kids settle.

My long-time friend Paul noted on his FB page that Minot is called the Magic City. So, being my mother’s daughter, I had to look it up. The Magic City is not specific to Minot though – it shares this distinction with 16 other cities including Billings, Montana, Birmingham, Alabama, Roanoke, Virginia, and Millinocket, Maine, to name a few. Minot’s Magic City distinction, according to Wikipedia, comes from the tent town that sprung up around 1886, practically overnight, and pushed the population from just a few to over 5,000. So maybe I should just buy a tent and pitch it in Chris and Kenton’s backyard – my grandsons would love that!

About a week ago, I stumbled upon a fabulous gal at the Veeder Ranch, western ND, outside the badlands. I became interested in Jessie’s blog because she says that she and hubby are making plans to develop part of their property as a retreat for writers and photographers, perhaps a few workshops thrown in. Since I’ve been able to find only a couple writers’ workshops in all of North Dakota, I contacted her to start a dialogue. So writers, photographers, musicians – check out www.veederranch.com.

And in the meantime, if anyone hears of a room for rent, drop me a line. Or perhaps I should start looking for “garage for rent – bring your own heater.”

Magic City – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_City

Photo credit – Jessie Veeder, Veeder Ranch, by permission.


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  1. Kristie

    Came across your blog via Google Alert. I will pray for you to find an apt. I have a huge prayer list of perfect strangers who need a place to live in my area of Western ND; Williston, ND. If it makes you feel any better, Williston is so bad housing wise that people have pitched tents in a city park! Lots of high paying jobs, but even with the frenetic building going on you can’t find a place to live(although they are starting to catch up, thankfully!) even if you have that high paying job.

    Minot’s situation is a bit different. More people coming to the base and not enough housing, the college, a bit of the oil field stuff, and just a bustling city in a state with a great economy.

    Take care and welcome to North Dakota!

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