Friendly Folks in My Future

My impending move to North Dakota is of fortuitous timing. I’m a little sick of New Mexico – the influx of gangs, the trash and dirt, the crowds, the rude people.

Thank God for North Dakota people! I’ve posted comments on several North Dakota FaceBook pages just to say hi, ask about rentals, the weather, volunteer opportunities, etc. So many strangers have reached out to me – ranchers, real estate professionals, photographers, ambassadors, military types, retirees, and just plain friendly people. I’ve received many a pleasant “Welcome” – several comments on my blog and a few personal messages and emails. People have also sent tips for moving to North Dakota, information on property managers, and assurances that I’ll love it and the weather is really not that bad.

I’d like to plug a few of these friendly people right now –

Cindy Redyke Harvey of Prudential Real Estate in Minot

Ashley Durham Photography of Minot

The warm people of “Welcome to Minot AFB”

The warm people of “North Dakota Ambassadors”

Jessie Veeder of the Veeder Ranch

A recent Money Rates web article lists North Dakota as one of the best states in which to retire. There is a line in the article that suggests that the cold temps might help people live longer lives. Maybe it’s cryogenics?

I’m still a little stupid about North Dakota, so don’t take offense. I have been researching the state – its economics, its government, its schools, its entertainment, its museums and parks, its weather. During my 53 years, I’ve lived only in Delaware and in New Mexico, plus that silly three months in West Forks, Maine. In the Forks I learned that snow-shoeing is darn hard work, waterfalls can freeze, and you can wash a car with Windex and paper towels.

I wonder – living in North Dakota – do I have to worry about Canadian gangs?


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