Snow Plows on Steroids

I have given up trying to keep my car cleaned off and keep the snow swept from beyond my parking space. I’ve also given up driving it. My car – rear-wheel drive – is positively useless in this North Dakota weather. I’ve decided to just be happy where I am and ask for rides or call a taxi when I need groceries or other sundries. I’ve become adept at online shopping.

I caught a ride from my apartment on Riverside to the AFB, and I spent a few days at my kids’ house over the Christmas holiday. After numerous snows, the fluffy stuff was accumulating in large piles along driveways and sidewalks and had started to encroach into the streets of base housing. It’s the end of December and already my son was wondering where he was going to put it all.

Last Sunday most neighborhood streets were down to one lane; cars heading toward each other in opposite directions would reach a bit of a stalemate until one vehicle could pull over into a driveway.

Super Scoopers

And then the big guys came in. Piles and piles of snow were plowed and poured into the center of the street. Then these gargantuan construction-type vehicles would create larger piles. The real fun began when the super snow blower came through and expelled these piles into the yards.

I watched out the window for a bit, then went outside and took a few pictures of the plowing prowess of AFB personnel. I was trying to stay in relative safety of the porch, but got doused with icy spray a couple times.


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