A Special Gift for Valentine’s Day

I don’t have a sweetheart, but I had a thought about Valentine’s Day that might create a more loving environment in many homes across the country. I’ll speak from a woman’s perspective because I am, after all, a woman. In addition to giving your honey-bunny a beautiful card with loving sentiments, a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers, or a fattening box of chocolates…think about what she really wants.

Consider the things she complains about (okay, nags about). Are you one of those guys that can’t make the hamper with his dirty socks? Are you the guy that answers the question, “What would you like for dinner?” with the always-thoughtful, “I don’t care”?  Are you the guy who hmphs when she asks you to please take out the garbage or pick up the kids from day care? Are you the guy who is off all day (while she’s at work) and can’t manage to do a load of laundry?

This year for Valentine’s Day why not slip a homemade gift certificate inside the lovely card that says, “I will not miss the hamper for one month.” Or how about, “I will plan dinner for one week.” Or “I will do all the laundry on my day off for a month.” Perhaps promise her you’ll watch a chick flick every Friday night for a month (and not complain about it).

And girls, you are not off the hook. I’m suggesting you do the same for your fella. Promise to do a chore for him like shovel the snow or empty the garbage or straighten out the garage – for a month, yes, a month. Even better – invite all his buddies over for a Call of Duty mini-marathon.

Flowers die, the chocolates get eaten, but dirty socks in the hamper every day for a month really says I love you.

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