Cold outside? Stay inside and learn.

I moved to North Dakota from New Mexico in late October. I didn’t really want to move, but my only son was moving again (Air Force) with my best friend (his wife) and my two grandchildren. So I moved. We had one fabulous week of green temperate climes, and then the ND white-s**t hit the fan.

I was stuck with a beautiful ’02 Ford Mustang GT, rear-wheel drive. For about three months, I couldn’t move the car. Or I was afraid to. I didn’t want to pull out of my cozy, drift-ridden parking spot and get stuck on Rt. 83 and slow down other drivers. I didn’t want to freeze to death just because I had to go out for fresh veggies or Chap Stick.

What I did do was learn more. I researched all sorts of stuff, signed up on loads of blogs, read a lot (for pleasure and for purpose), I caught up on loads of overdue correspondence, and I started to study the Bible (you pray a lot up here).

During these frigid, snow-bound months, I’ve learned beaucoup! I learned that there are MANUALS of style for proofreading (who’d a thunk?). I’ve learned what a gerund is, I’ve learned proper use of an ellipsis, and I’ve learned that snot can freeze (it wasn’t my snot, but that of a loved one).

I have learned that no matter where the Air Force sends us, home is where my boy and his family are.


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One response to “Cold outside? Stay inside and learn.

  1. Tracy H

    You need to get a Jeep! There are things to climb up there and MoMo can lead the way!!

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