Use The Exclamation Point Like a Guerrilla Blogger!

Kenton, corrected one too many times

I know my son gets sick of me correcting his spelling and grammar! Really sick. But I still only use one exclamation point.

When discussing the exclamation point, The Associated Press Stylebook (my new favorite reference) advises, “Avoid overuse.” Instead of using a dozen exclamation points find some nice juicy words to flower your prose.

Put the mark inside the quotes when the exclamation is part of the quote: “Thanks so much for the picture of the boys. They’re so stinking cute!” Vicki said. “I know!” I replied.

Put the mark outside the quote when it is not part of the quote: I’m sick of mom telling me to “Look it up”!

When the quote is at the beginning of a sentence, you do not use a comma: “Freeze scumbag!” the police officer yelled.

Find more exclamation point guidelines and examples see and copyblogger.


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4 responses to “Use The Exclamation Point Like a Guerrilla Blogger!

  1. Tracy H

    I am uber guilty of this. I tend to WAY over use the exclamation point. Not really sure why, alas, I am guilty. This would be a good way to practice new word usage though…thanks for the idea! <—– already beginning to

  2. I used to do it. Especially when I was angry or incensed. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I had learned this, but sometimes I forget. On FB, I said your blog was excellent–and then replaced the exclamation mark with a period.

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