12 Utterly D.U.M.B. Ideas (Dark Unhappy Mood Busters)

Photo by Tom Magliery

Photo by Tom Magliery

I polled writers about those times – those dark, unhappy times – when we are in a bad mood; those times when we are pushing the big rock
up the hill and the hill is winning. I asked for D.U.M.B. ideas – short for
Dark Unhappy Mood Busters.

Pamela Toler, Chicago, IL – “I put on music with a driving beat (Beach Boys? Joan Jett? Billy Idol?), and dance like a maniac in the living room.” www.historyinthemargins.com – a blog about history, writing, and writing about history.

P. i. Barrington, Los Angeles, CA – “I clean and garden. Purges the darkness in my soul.” www.thewordmistresses.com – official website of myself and my sister, Loni Emmert.

Karen Kenney Smith, Monmouth County, NJ, at Storyteller’s Grove – “Usually it’s about being pissed off, so I hit the elliptical to Bon Jovi (hey I’m from Jersey). If that doesn’t work, I write a kick butt fight scene.” www.kvictoriasmith.blogspot.com – a gathering place to share tales of writing and life.

Alice Loweecey, Buffalo, NY – “I grab an MST3K DVD–often Deathstalker or Space Mutiny–sit on my big pink exercise ball and laugh myself silly.” www.aliceloweecey.com – website of my present books and my checkered past.

V. P. Chandler, Wimberley, TX – “I barricade myself and watch something funny on TV (sitcom, movie). Or, I walk around on our 10 ac. in the Texas hill country with our two black cats. Yes, they follow me everywhere.” www.vpchandler-author.blogspot.com – my blog is about my journey of writing.

Chris Eboch, Socorro, NM – “I go into the garden, cut flowers, and arrange them in little vases for my desk.” www.chriseboch.blogspot.com – tips on the craft of writing and business of publishing.

Sharon Bially, Boston, MA – “I take a ballet class. Ah, there’s nothing like it to get uglies out. If that’s not possible, I go for a run.  And when all else fails, a double shot of vodka, straight up.” www.veronicas-nap.com – a serialized novel on a blog.

Shawn MacKENZIE in Vermont – “Depending on the degree of the Dark Unhappy Mood, I like to walk around Lake Parran, and, weather permitting, take my shoes off and go barefoot in the woods, feeling the loam between my toes, listening to the Canada geese on the other side of the trees…..” www.mackenziesdragonsnest.com – a fanciful site for dragons, unicorns, and elegant prose.

Marta Pelrine-Bacon, Austin, TX – “I take pictures of my Doctor Who action figures and post them on Facebook.” www.mapelba.com – the emotional, mental, & artistic gymnastics of the writing life.

Kathryn Magendie, Maggie Valley, NC –  “Take Ketel One Vodka from freezer, pour a healthy dose in glass, down it quickly, sit on couch with bad-for-you-food, turn on old Frasier reruns . . . or take a walk in the wild beautiful mountain cove – stomp down the old log trail until whatever it is that has a grip on my arse lets go (and hope no bears take a bite while I’m at it), then get back to work.” www.tendergraces.blogspot.com – aimless wandering wonderings.

Janet Beasley, Orlando, FL – “My idea is tandem kayaking with my hubby down the beautiful, serene, crystal clear waters of Florida’s natural springs…and of course snapping a few cool shots of nature along the way.” www.jlbcreatives.blogspot.com – focuses on writing, photos, and making others smile.

Michelle Hickman, Bloomfield, PA – “I watch really bad b-movies from the 60’s and 70’s. Some are hilarious!” www.thesurlywriter.blogspot.com – stories of surly humor.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade

Photo by Tom Magliery on Flickr, The Quote Garden



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18 responses to “12 Utterly D.U.M.B. Ideas (Dark Unhappy Mood Busters)

  1. I put on my backpack and take a hike.

  2. Love these! (and thank you – I see me up there! 😀 )

  3. KM – You’re welcome. Happy to have you here!

  4. I like seeing what others do–gives me ideas. And thanks for the links. I’m always looking for other writers to connect to. (As I’m at work, I use some more DUMB ideas.)

  5. Thanks for including me on your list! What a bunch of good “dumb” ideas 🙂

  6. Yes, aren’t they DUMB? Thank you Marta and Michelle for participating and commenting.

  7. I love the comments and I love the ideas of DUMB ideas!

  8. It still makes me laugh! Thanks!

  9. Lori Thorne

    I listen to really good songs on my mp3 and bang around dirty and clean pots and pans! Works like a charm to cheer me up! Thanks for the ideas Karen, some sound like they really work.

  10. Thanks for the comment, Lori!

  11. I enjoyed reading everyone else’s ideas! Thanks for including me in this.

  12. Thanks for chiming in Alice – this was a group effort!

  13. Hey Karen! Finally found some “me” time and able to catch up. These are great D.U.M.B. ideas! I’ve really enjoyed checking everyone’s blog out, and even signed up to “follow” some of them (FYI – I show up as Don and Janet on the followers with my Google account – can’t figure out how to “default” to my JLB Creatives account). Thanks so much for following through on your creative idea – it’s connecting so many of us together in such a fun way, and thanks for posting my D.U.M.B. idea – that was quite a shock to see. Appreciate it for sure. Have a wonderful evening… ~Janet Beasley~

  14. Thanks for commenting, Janet. I think it’s important we promote other good writers and bloggers. Giving back, or paying it forward? Makes me feel good. And it is fun!

  15. Fabulous! Next time, I’ll add “read this post by Karen Elliott” to the DUMB list!

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