And the winner is …

Autumn Leaves – Kiyosato Japan 2006 – by Roger Agustin

The original blog post from June 16 – Exploring Poetry Groups … The Poetry Form – had an attached haiku contest. The contest didn’t yield a lot of entries, but it did turn out some fabulous entries.

And the winner is … Tonia Marie Houston of Edgewood, Illinois! Tonia will receive a signed copy of Shellie Enteen’s Journey to the Meaning of Love.

Shellie said that Tonia’s entry had “a lot of evocative imagery.”

Tonia Marie Houston – Tonia just launched her blog on July 3 – stop in and give her some encouragement!

Pagan offerings

Oaks unveil flames seared mantles

Yield ash before frost

The other two entries, though not prize-winners in this contest, are more than worthy of an honorable mention.

Cathy Holden Robinson

Tender buds reaching

Outstretched to meet a new sun

Awake my old friends

Karen DeGroot Carter

Fair skin surrender

And pool-side tan envy shade

My cautious summers

Special thanks to Shellie Enteen for her guidance and assistance – constructing the rules, the judging, the emails, and so on.
Thanks, Shellie! See Shellie’s website and Shellie’s blog.

Photo – Roger Agustin



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6 responses to “And the winner is …

  1. Thank you Karen and Shellie! I love to write poetry, and had a lot of fun with the disciplined structure required by Haiku! Here’s to poetry!

  2. And thank you for participating! This contest was fun. I hope to do another one later this year.

  3. Thanks from Denver, too, Karen and Shellie! K.

  4. It was fun. Keep an eye out for another one!

  5. Tonia, love your haiku. Beautiful imagery, and I have to tip my hat to Karen for her reference to fair skin, which I hit beneath a towel poolside this past weekend.

    Great job, ladies. Thanks, Karen and Shellie, too!


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