In a flood, be a fish

Photo by Tom Magliery

Janet Beasley’s blog has a great post (with guest – me) on her blog, posted
Monday, July 18. There are photos of the Minot Flood by Jayson S. Kennedy,
professional photographer, along with my interview with Janet.

Please stop by and say hello.

About a week ago, I did a guest post for Tonia Marie Houston’s blog. The post includes a short prose piece, Mom and Bocelli, and links to several of my short stories.

Click and say hi!

Photo by Tom Magliery.



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5 responses to “In a flood, be a fish

  1. Love the interview!
    Humor is all…..

  2. I think Janet’s post is fabulous! I’ve had moments of extreme humor – giggling for no reason, when I’m alone. Occasional flip-side of the giggles, I don’t want to talk about. 🙂

  3. Hey Karen! Just getting back into the “groove” after the mini vaca. Thanks so much for doing the interview with me. I had an absolute blast putting it together. I just did a major splash across the board about your interview and what an amazing woman you are! 😉 Hope all is going well out your way. Catch you soon on one of the many social media sites I’m sure.

  4. I had a blast too, Janet! Thanks for the additional “splash.”

  5. You betcha!! Anytime. 😉

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