Military family and friends

SSgt. K. Roberts, USAF, Minot, ND

SSgt. A. Stock, Germany

SSgt. R. Laird, currently in Kuwait

SSgt. S. Bordwell, Minot, ND



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4 responses to “Military family and friends

  1. Thanks for sharing names & faces of those in uniform. And, if any are reading … I’d like to say thank you for serving.

  2. Karoline Stock

    Nicely done, Karen. I hope all the troops know how much they are appreciated. I am very grateful for all their sacrifices.

  3. Great pics! These are the awesome people who protect us day and night who deserve heaping mounds of respect, love, and encouragement. Thanks for posting these great photos, Karen. ~Janet~

  4. Thank you all for stopping by to comment. I’m a little partlal to the military and esepcially the A.F. (I’m SSgt. Roberts’ mom), but I have always been grateful to the service they all provide and the sacrifices they (and their families) endure.

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