Guerrilla Friend Award (I just made this up)

See the guy in the picture? He is not a guerrilla – he’s a very responsible member of the USAF having a little fun after his year in Iraq. If we have a zombie apocalypse, beat feet to his house if you want to survive.

While I am grateful that I’ve received cool blog awards, I’m not so sure I want to pile all that responsibility onto other bloggers (there are so many rules!). And some of my friends don’t blog or have a website (gasp!). So I made up this Guerrilla Friend Award. Or GFA for those that need an acronym.

There are writing awards; there are blogger awards. But no special award to thank people – just ‘cause – who have made a significant difference. Even though you don’t have a blog or write stories for a living, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate you.

Thank You, all –

Paul B. and John B. – You have made a difference. Thank you for your friendship and support.

Joanne Ingram – She was a member of my first writers’ group back in New Mexico. Joanne is in AZ earning her Master’s in Journalism at ASU. She’s been a great friend and an invaluable critique partner.

A handful of the professionals I’ve worked with most recently who have made a difference – 

Erica Liodice – Writer, blogger, bestower of awards. She has been very supportive of me and my blog. I return the favor – gladly. See her blog here.

Tonia Marie Houston – Tonia Marie is relatively new on the blogging scene, but she’s so good! And she is a pro to work with on the blogs. Check out Passion Find.

Stacy Stenberg Jensen – Writer, blogger, Mom. Stacy has also been very supportive and attentive. A true blogger-friend. Visit Stacy at her blog.

Chris Eboch – We’ve worked together numerous times, and it’s always a pleasure – a good writer and a true professional. Chris writes for children, adults, and she blogs about writing. See her books here. Chris has a great writing blog at Write Like a Pro! 

Duncan Long – An artist, writer, blogger, and a great friend. Duncan’s art is incredible. The importance of a book’s cover – I’ve learned most of it from following him. See Duncan’s art and his blog.

Susannah Friis – I’m working with Susannah right now on a blog post, and we have chatted and commiserated in the past. One blog isn’t enough for her – no! Stop in and say G’day at Speaking Personally and at The Writerly Way.

Shawn MacKenzie – She’s one of the best writers I’ve read in years, possibly in decades. Her books are brilliant. Her latest book, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, is available here. Shawn recently started a blog – just the artwork will take your breath away. Thank you, Shawn, for the “shoulder.”

Krissy Brady – Krissy is vibrant, imaginative, and fun to work with. See her blog here. Also – writers and artists – need help with online marketing? Click here for Just Joan Marketing.

Deborah Dean – This writer is going places, I just know it. See Deborah’s blog, Life in Faversham. And she shares loads of cool pictures from across the pond.

Clint Waycaster of – My website designer. He’s the one responsible for the fabulous new shark banner on the blog and my new websites.

Nelly Hernandez, of Nelly Hernandez Photography – Her photographs of me are all over everything I do – my blog, LI, FB, Twitter, Google+, my websites. She rocks the lens. If you are in or near Minot, ND, she’s the one to pick for family photos!

Missed one or two? I realize I may have missed one or two or a hundred people who have made a difference in my life, my writing, or my blogging. Know I appreciate you all.

Who are you grateful for? Why are they important to you?

 If you would like to comment about someone who has made a difference for you, please feel free to share their blog or website, too!

“True friends stab you in the front.” ~Oscar Wilde

Quote from Quote Garden

Photo – I’m not sure who took this photo, but I got it from my son. He has no idea how much I use his images.



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8 responses to “Guerrilla Friend Award (I just made this up)

  1. Thank you, Karen…although kinda weird to see my name up there with all those ‘greats’ 😛
    I am so grateful to so many, in so many areas of my life. In the writing world, I am grateful to people like you, who are so gracious, helpful and so, so generous with your knowledge. I am also really grateful for all the folks over at Writer Unboxed – what a great community!
    So even though we often whine and whinge about all the social media/internet ‘must-do’s’ and the effort to keep up with it all, I am grateful we have it, because without it, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people I have 🙂

  2. Agree, agree! I’ve met the most wonderful people through this blog and with social networking. And I’ve met people all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, Asia, Wales, England, and more. A wonderful experience, all! I also find it helpful and educational to get perspectives from all over the world.

  3. Karen, I am honored and touched and will wear my GFA proudly.
    I would bestow a like award on you, friend, for your generosity with your time and expertise and patience as you drag me (sometimes kicking and screaming) into the realm of blogs and media networking.
    I’d also honor my fellow writers on both sides of North Branch: Before things got weird at the Roundtable there were years of good fellowship and critique–that only deepened when our little band of outcasts moved across the street, in all making me a better person and writer. And to all my friends and family near and far who inspire me with wonder and a wowness about life and the world. Thank you.

  4. Kenzie – well deserved, you! We need to make up a badge, I guess. The social networking is sometimes frustrating as a Dragon without the fire. But on we fly.

  5. Thank you Karen. I appreciate your support and friendship too. I’ve had a long, odd day and this was a pleasant, fun surprise.

  6. Sometimes just a ‘thank you’ can make my day. Richly deserved!

  7. You made me blush! Thanks so much for the mention, and I appreciate not only you as a person, but when I’m done my first novel, I will be appreciating you as a proofreader. LOOK OUT! :0)

  8. You deserve the recognition – you have been a great cheerleader for me! On the novel – rut-ro! 🙂

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