Life in a suitcase, office in a book bag

I’m over at Susannah Friis’ blog today –

Speaking Personally.

One of Susannah’s recent blogs discussed “contentment” – my thoughts are on her blog today in “My life in a suitcase, my office in a book bag.”

Please click on over to Australia and visit Speaking Personally.

Thanks, Susannah, for the opportunity to share some thoughts about contentment.



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4 responses to “Life in a suitcase, office in a book bag

  1. Karen, I like what you’ve done with the place! Great guest post, read and left a comment.

  2. I can’t decorate a home – don’t have one! So I decorate in other ways! Ain’t it cool? Clint Waycaster of gets the credit for the graphics. I just yelled “Shark!” and he did the rest.

  3. Loved your guest post and left the following comment there:

    Wham bam…fantastic wisdom, Karen. Contentment definitely starts from within. We can’t rely on external circumstances to wait for anything.

    While I love your quote, I actually think it’s more important to place our emphasis on today and the moment:

    “For Yesterday is but a dream,
    And Tomorrow is only a vision,
    But Today, well lived, makes every Yesterday a dream of happiness,
    And every Tomorrow a vision of hope.
    Look well, therefore, to this day…
    Such is the Salutation of the dawn.”

    Excerpt from an anonymous poem out of ancient Sanskrit writings.

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth, for sharing that poem! It’s lovely.

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