Connect through commonalities, learn through differences

Last week guest blogger Stacy S. Jensen gave us tips for effective blog visits and how to be part of the conversation with A few tips from a blog groupie.

Today, I am over at Stacy’s blog with Connect through commonalities, learn through differences.

Click here to visit Stacy’s blog.

Opening photo credit – Mary R. Vogt,



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4 responses to “Connect through commonalities, learn through differences

  1. Enjoyed the interview with Stacy. Other than doing crossword puzzles, I share a lot in common with you. I am a journalist, editor and worked in PR. I spent many years figure skating, and loved it. Read through your blog — I don’t like horror of any kind, because I’ve dealt with a lot of trauma in my own life — but I couldn’t believe what I read!

    Am glad Stacy introduced you. I have an editor, but on occasion would like another eye on my work. Glad to know about your services — sounds like you mostly do proofreading and copy editing. Do you do MS evaluations, in terms of plot, characters, voice etc?

    • Thank you for stopping by, Patricia. By reading Stacy’s “about me” page, I was reminded of things about her that I’d forgotten. Good to revisit your friends once in a while. About working with you on an MS, I’ll send you an email.

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