A Little Ghost Story, by Chris Eboch

Chris Eboch

Some people swore that the house was haunted. Yeah, right.

“Let’s look around,” my sister said, pulling on my arm. “Mom and Dad will be busy for a while.”

“Whatever.” None of my friends were there to see me, so I followed her up creaking stairs and through musty rooms hung with cobwebs. I thought about sneaking away and hiding somewhere, to give her a scare.

Tania paused at an open doorway. I started to sneak past, down the hall.

She gasped. I looked back. She swayed in the doorway, eyes wide and face white. “What?” I asked.

“The ghost!” she hissed.

My stomach gave a flip. I pushed next to her and looked into the room. Nothing but dust floating in the light from grimy windows. Just for a second, she’d gotten me. But I couldn’t let her know that. I rolled my eyes. “Nice try.”

She kept staring ahead. “Don’t you see it?”

I snorted. “You can give it up now.”

“He’s right there!” She stepped into the room, slowly. She moved in a half circle, like she was skirting something. She reached out a hand to the empty space in the middle of the room. It was creepy. Does that sound stupid? Well, you weren’t there.

“Hello,” she whispered. “Can you hear me?” Her hand passed into a beam of light, looking dead white and almost translucent. She gasped and jerked back, like she’d touched something painful.

“Cut it out,” I said. “It’s not funny.”

She cringed back. Her hands clutched at her throat. “No!” She was half bent over backward. She should have fallen, but it looked like someone was holding her up.

I stood frozen in the doorway. My legs felt like water, but I couldn’t let her see that she was getting to me.

She thrashed, still scratching at her throat, and made a gurgling noise. Could something really be wrong?

She was my little sister. It was my job to protect her. I rushed forward. I reached out for her.

I slammed through a wall of cold. I struggled for balance as the room tilted crazily around me. Tania’s face swam in my vision, an arm’s length away.

Strange feelings swarmed around me, spewed up inside me. Anger. Hatred. Blood pounded in my head and I saw Tania’s terrified eyes through a haze of red. My hands were around her neck. Squeezing.

I couldn’t stop. Some part of me tried to pull back, but my rage was too great. I had to keep squeezing until those hated brown eyes closed and the body fell limp to the floor.

Her lips moved. No sound came out, but I could see her form a name. “Jon.” My name. Blue eyes bulged in her face. Tania’s eyes, pleading.

She was my little sister. It was my job to protect her. I fought back the rage. I struggled to control my hands. I forced them open, forced my arms to drop. The feelings welled up, battering me. But I was not him. I made my own choices. Her death would not be one of them.

The emotion faded. Tania slumped and I caught her. We stood trembling in an empty room. She gasped for breath, her face pressed to my chest. “What was that? What happened?” She looked up at me.

She was my little sister. It was my job to protect her. I grinned. “Gotcha!”

Her eyes narrowed. She punched my arm. “You jerk!” She stormed away.

I had protected her. This time.


About Chris and her books –

The Haunted series for ages 8-12 follows a brother and sister who travel with their parents’ ghost hunter TV show. They try to help the ghosts, while keeping their activities secret from meddling grownups. In The Ghost on the Stairs, an 1880s ghost bride haunts a Colorado hotel, waiting for her missing husband to return. The Riverboat Phantom features a steamboat pilot still trying to
prevent a long-ago disaster. In The Knight in the Shadows—winner of the 2010 New Mexico Book Awards in the category Juvenile Book—a Renaissance French squire protects a sword on display at a New York City museum.

Chris’s other books include The Well of Sacrifice, a middle grade Mayan adventure, used in many schools, and The Eyes of Pharaoh, a middle grade mystery set in ancient Egypt. Her book Advanced Plotting helps writers fine-tune their plots.

Chris also writes for adults under the name Kris Bock. Rattled launches her new romantic suspense series featuring treasure hunting adventures in the New Mexico wilderness. Read the first three chapters at www.krisbock.com.

Find Chris’s books here. And visit Chris’s blog Write Like a Pro!

Photo – Alan Erickson


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11 responses to “A Little Ghost Story, by Chris Eboch

  1. Very fitting for the season!

  2. A great kick-off story! Loads more good, creepy stuff coming this week.

  3. Stacy S. Jensen

    Great story. Once when Hubby and I looked at a house, the agent said, “Well, I have to tell you ….” We’re standing in a closet and she tells us there have been reports of ghosts in the house. My response: What kind of ghost? It was a little girl. I didn’t investigate the story further as we ruled out the house for other reasons.

  4. I’d probably ask, “A nice ghost or mean ghost?” Nice ghost would prompt me to buy the house. I talk to ghosts all the time. When some noise comes out of nowhere, I imagine it was a ghost. I usually ask, “Who’s there?” I haven’t really gotten a response … still hoping.

  5. I believe in ghosts. I’ve seen two, my late husband and a little girl once when I lived in Indiana and lived in this really old house.
    This was a real scary story, Susan.

    Also will you contact me about your book tour?
    Clarikebowmanjahn at yahoo dot com ?
    Am interested in helping you and am also promoting my own picture book.
    “Annie’s Special Day” thanks, Clar

  6. I took a picture of a ghost once. I was touring the coal mine that my great-grandfather and grandfather worked in, Lansford, PA. I took numerous pictures inside the mine. Later, I downloaded all the pics to my laptop and in one photo there was a face in white, smoky mist. It had a definite familial resemblance, so I assume it was great-granddad or granddad. (Clarike – will send email).

  7. Karen,
    Really enjoyed this vey spine-chilling ghost story. It was creepy and made you think at the end. My daughter was very aware of a woman in a long white dress in the downstairs of our home when she was around 5 yrs. She could describe her, There were times when I felt a vert strong presence, and always silently blessed her and asked her to move into the light. How cool to actually capture on camera. – Pat

  8. I’ve felt weird things in a few different places. But that mine photo – when I pulled it up, I slammed shut the computer! Was a little afraid to open it. But then I realized it was probably just a “Hello, and thanks for looking into the family’s history.”

  9. Excellent jolt. Loved the twists in this one. I met Chris at a con in Kansas City and took her class. I keep reading my notes and love her work. Thanks, Karen.

  10. Chris is definitely one of the greats! And her blog is awesome! (I haven’t been getting that feed, I need to check on that.) Chris is the perfect blogging partner as well – fun, professional, clean copy, informative, entertaining – always a joy.

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