On Halloween, a little girl’s elementary poem

About six months ago, I received a package from my big brother Phil in Delaware (he must have been cleaning out the garage). Inside this package I found all sorts of memories from my grade school years – drawings, spelling tests, report cards, and this poem.

I’m a little surprised (and a lot proud) that I could write such a great poem in third grade!

On Halloween

By Karen R. Sanderson 

Who would ride a broomstick

As the witches do –

Straight across the pebbly stars

On a street of blue?

I should! I should!

(If mother came, too).

Who would take a wildcat,

With eyes all yellow-green

To ride upon his broomstick

Late on Halloween?

I should! I should!

(If mother sat between).

Original Poem

“A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.” ~Erma Bombeck (Quote Garden)

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Happy Halloween!



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12 responses to “On Halloween, a little girl’s elementary poem

  1. What a great poem! How we forget as we grow up where our passion for writing took root. A gift from the past and a reminder of the little girl who dreamed of flying and writing.

  2. That is so amazingly fun to find your old poetry. This on is really good. I once went through a notebook I wrote poems in in high school, every page was filled and there were maybe 3 real poems but the rest was like a private diary of all the ups and downs of my crushes and High School concerns.

    Your AC Friend,
    Dixie Goode

  3. Even as a little girl you were so talented! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks – everybody – for your kind comments on the poem. And thank you all for stopping by. Halloween Fright Week went off without a hitch, thanks to the fabulous guests I had. What fun!

  5. My third-grade daughter and I loved your poem. Thanks for sharing! I especially enjoyed ‘the pebbly stars.’ For my scary little Halloween story, please read All the Better to See You With at http://twofins.typepad.com/serena_schreiber/

  6. What a neat post and poem. Just right for Halloween!!!

  7. Priceless! You showed a lot of talent at a very young age. What a treasure to have. I’d have it protected/sealed. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the fabulous comments, everybody. Patricia – you are right – I should have it sealed. It would make a great momento – framed and hung up – over my new desk!

  9. Audrey Keith

    I loved it!

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