The “Paint the Writer’s Wagon” Contest – Winner

Winning Design – Shawn MacKenzie

Originally, I said that the top ten designs would be posted. But I received only three designs, so I decided to put the selection to my panel of judges.

I didn’t get the participation I expected. You might say the contest fell flat on its face. But you have to agree – the designs I did get are fabulous!

The winner of the “Paint the Writer’s Wagon” Contest is Shawn MacKenzie from Vermont!

Take a look at Shawn’s Dragon’s Nest website or click on over to her blog. Find Shawn’s latest book, The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook, on Amazon here (you can look inside!) or find her book at Llewellyn.

Runner-up design was submitted by Angie Ledbetter of Louisiana. Angie blogs at Gumbo Writer.

Angie Ledbetter’s Design

Angie said, “What a great way to spend a Sunday. My entry is a conglomeration — or mixed media, if you will — of paint, pencil, photographs, printed and torn-from-magazine images collaged on canvas, with some Sharpies, fine point pens, paint pencils, a tiny bit of bling and who knows what else thrown in.”

The third design was not submitted via official channels, and the artist did not respond to my request for her contact info.

Of the prizes available, Shawn picked a set of two Kathryn Magendie Books, Tender Graces and Secret Graces, signed by the author. Shawn will also get her design poster-sized!

A very special Thank You to Kathryn Magendie for providing the awarded prize. You can find her books at her website. Follow her on Twitter. Kathryn also blogs at Tender Graces and is on staff at the Rose and Thorn Journal.


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8 responses to “The “Paint the Writer’s Wagon” Contest – Winner

  1. Loved the imaginative contest. Congrats to the winner, and blessing on your new wagon! 🙂

  2. Jessica


  3. Quality is more important than quantity. Looks like a fun dress up to your wagon.

  4. Hey, thanks, Karen–and your panel of judges. It was great fun.

    • I hope this doesn’t ruin it, but we gave the most deference in winning entry to the boys, Wayne 6 y.o. and Shawn 4 y.o., and they loved the dragon in the yard. I’m not sure they noticed the Air Force flag (even though Mommy and Daddy both serve). I liked the dragon (I gotta get me one of them) and the Phillies! 🙂

  5. Congrats to the winner, and I am honored to have Shawn choosing my books as the prize – made me smile – thank you Karen and Shawn.

    Love the dragaon and those colors! Brava!

    I will have your signed books on the way to you soon, Shawn!

  6. Love the entires. Looks like a very creative writing hub! Congratulations to Shawn. And, I also liked Angie’s design. Both very different.

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