Poet DiAnne Ebejer soars with dreams and reality


Summer began with a promise
of a new-found hope,
a gathering of strength and will.

Then, unexpected clouds
turned sunny into darkness,
lightness into tension,
and the hope quickly devolved.

Summer then, will linger
as just another hard reminder
that fresh starts lay dormant
in the field of celebration,

far away and out of reach for now.

But I suppose it’s best to focus
more on laughter than tears,
more on what is good about a day,
than what is not.

And so, another gathering of words,
and shared stories, and maybe some
laugh until you cry remembering,
Re-telling of past shenanigans.

Maybe it was all just a little reminder
to keep trying, reaching and hoping.

“I Want To Soar”

I want to soar high
above woven clouds of cotton,
Where angels faintly sing
lullabies of joy,
And echo’s cry out
from a cradle of love,
Where happiness is pulled
from the sky
like cotton candy,
The angels always spinning
more and more.

“Ragged Little Girls”

We are born into the world
as poor ragged little girls,
Only made beautiful
by those who touch us
With love.
As we become beautiful,
We discard our garments
ripped and torn,
Replace them with a dress
of silk and satin.

Each time love is snatched away from us,
It steals a piece of silk and satin,
and if too many pieces
are snatched away,
We find ourselves standing
cold and naked,
conformed to stone,
with nowhere to hide but in ourselves.

Then we remember
it was in garments ripped
and torn,
That we first came
to touch
and be touched
With love.

“Dreams – Reality”

Though choosing life means pain,
I choose to live,
I eat, and in devouring life,
I change.
I dream I read my life
through the sun,
But the muse writes through the sun
to cloud my life…
But I read through the pages torn
with broken type,
And I dream though the paragraphs
are blurred,
And as I read, I re-invent the plot,
And as I re-invent the plot I find,
That life is nothing more or less
than what we feel,
And my dreams and me
are changed by what is real.

All poetry © 2011 DiAnne Ebejer

DiAnne’s life experiences have led her to reach out to those in need. She was a Small Business Liaison Officer during her career helping to obtain contracts for small businesses throughout the US. She entered the Foster Children’s Care Program while living in Louisville KY and shortly after retiring in 2006 volunteered at a Woman’s and Children’s Victims of Abuse Center and Home.

DiAnne Ebejer

See more at DiAnne’s Scribbles Facebook page, DiAnne’s Scribbles Poetry website, and DiAnne’s Place blog.

DiAnne contributed the story “None Other” to the Every Child is Entitled to Innocence anthology, available February 14.

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” – Henri Matisse



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12 responses to “Poet DiAnne Ebejer soars with dreams and reality

  1. How poignant these are – at once sad but hopeful yet haunting and beautiful.

  2. DiAnne’s poetry lifts my heart and frees my mind to travel to places hidden within the soul.

  3. Just beautiful 🙂 Gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing, Karen and DiAnne!

  4. Karen,
    Although I’ve said it off line I wanted to say again here on the blog a very huge thank you for featuring my poetry here. It means very much to me to be featured here!


  5. Tom Ebejer

    I am one lucky man. I am married to this beautiful and artistic woman.

  6. Son

    My Mom is the best. Thanks for a peek at your beautiful soul, Mom. I’ve always known how cool it was, now others will get a glimpse. Very cool.


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