Musicians’ Week – Tom Cloverfield

Tom Cloverfield is a musician, composer, DJ and producer who became an important figure in the world of house and chillout music on the German electronic music scene. Meanwhile, his songs are played by radio stations and famous clubs all over the world. He releases his work through his own label, Ultrasonic Music Germany.

After a handful of well-received singles, his full length debut album E-Talk was released in 2009. The next albums Universe and Sunny followed 2010; Jewels For Ibiza was released 2011. His tracks Acqua Azurra, in the electro genre, and Karboon, in the techhouse genre, were recommended by Juno Download, London, UK. Tom prefers to have richness and emotional texture in his tunes, thus creating hypnotic and sexy electronic music.

Cloverfield was born in Nürnberg, Germany, in 1966, and began studying the piano when he was four. From this moment on it was clear: Music will be his passion number one forever. Tom says “I don’t create music to be recognized – I do it because it’s necessary for me.” The latest album LOVE has been released in January 2012 – presenting nice chillout, techhouse and deephouse tracks.

Latest Album: cLOVErfield’s LOVE – Release 2012, January

Latest Compilation: Club & Lounge Guide, Release 2011, December

New Co-Creations with LauraLME is called POETICBEATZ

PoeticBeatz is a studio project founded 2011 by LauraLME and Tom Cloverfield on the waves of inspirational music and verses, between Germany, Italy and the UK.
LauraLME is a published author, poet, host and producer of Verses In Motion show on GetYourz World Radio, and Tom engineer, producer and composer of House, Electro and Chillout.
Laura’s poetry and vocals meet Tom’s beats and incredible sound in a smooth combination of words and notes, creating a completely new sound that goes deeper into ears and hearts: VersesInMotion meet Ultrasonic Music, Poetry meets House Beats, Words in Motion meet Notes…

We have released 7 Tracks until 2011, December





Official Site LauraLME

New Co-Creations with Kim Siren: SIRENHOUSE

Sirenhouse is a studio project founded 2011 in Germany by Kim Siren and Tom Cloverfield.
Both artists are well known for their solo works: Kim as harp player and singer songwriter with her SirenSongs and Tom as engineer, producer and composer of House, Electro and Chillout.
Sirenhouse provides with its charming mix of Kim´s amazing vocals and the electronic beats and cutting edge synthesizer sounds by Tom a completely new sound experience:
Worldmusic Meets House.


Official Site Kim Siren:


Podcast Link for my DJ-Mixes on iTunes:


Main Links:

Official Site:

Facebook Cloverfield Fan Page:







The brand new single CITY LIFE: CLOVERFIELD featuring Slimmie




The biggest news is that all of my music is now available at PACHA download.



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10 responses to “Musicians’ Week – Tom Cloverfield

  1. What a kick-ass way to start the morning!

  2. ontheplumtree

    Great music, great post! I love Absolute Gravity and all of Tom’s sexy, chillout, hypnotic sounds. Awesome productions. Thank you Karen for sharing this wonderful musician and producer with us.

  3. “Absolute”ly awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve saved the links I got through the musicians participating, and they are on my play list every day. I am glad y’all are enjoying!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring me, dear Karen!!! BEARHUGS!!
    xo Tom Cloverfield

  6. Great article Karen, Tom is a very talented musician/producer and a wonderful friend! Thank you also for the mention and for including PoeticBeatz! *smiles*

  7. Thanks for posting! I really like his work, my favourite is impulse!
    keep up the good work! /Rebecca

  8. Giving credit where credit is due – Tom wrote the article, too! I simply posted it.

  9. I love thinking of this international collaboration of amazing talents, “creating a completely new sound that goes deeper into ears and hearts.” Great find, Karen!

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