Musicians’ Week, by Stephen Jerome Ferguson

The Music of Stephen Jerome Ferguson from SJF Music

“Relaxing,” “Smooth,” “Mellow,” and “Peaceful” are just some of the terms used to describe Stephen’s music. He combines the smooth sounds of Jazz, R&B and Neo Soul music to create a sound that touches your heart, mind and soul. He uses multi layered rhythms and bass lines to form a foundation for his smooth grooves that are powerful and subtle at the same time. Each instrument serves as an actor in a play. Each one has its own role and they all seem to work as one to bring his music to life.

About Stephen Jerome Ferguson – CEO and Owner of SJF Music LLC

Stephen was born in Washington D.C. on May 23rd and has been involved with music since the age of 12. His interest started when he sat down at an old Fender Rhodes Electric piano. He taught himself music scales and basic chords. He began to learn to play along with music that was being played in his home. Gospel music, soul and jazz were his first loves. He worked part time after school to save money to purchase his first electric guitar. He applied the lessons he learned on the keyboard and soon was able to play the guitar portions of the same songs he learned on the keyboard. Later, he picked up what was to become his favorite instrument, the bass guitar.

His first experience playing live music came as the bass guitar player for the Gospel group The True Voices of Christ, a group that he cofounded. The group played for three years, playing all along the east coast.

Stephen then enlisted in the US Army and was assigned to Europe for his first tour. In Europe, he met fellow soldier/musicians Paul Ferguson and Mike Burrell. Together, they founded the R&B/Jazz group FFB (Ferguson, Ferguson and Burrell). The group played all over Europe for three years. They played cover songs as well as their own original compositions. One of these original songs titled “I Miss You” was featured on the Armed Forces Radio Network.

After leaving FFB, Stephen studied music. He studied the administrative side and stayed abreast of the new technologies that began to develop. Using these new technologies, he released his first solo CD, “Peace of the Heart.” Stephen dedicated this project to his mother that was taken by cancer in 1996, and he donated the sales of this CD to cancer research. His next releases were “It’s Just Me,” “Afterglow,” “We Are One” and “Windows to the Soul.” His current project titled “Between Dusk and Dawn” is his first CD under his new production company, SJF Music.

Stephen founded SJF Music in July of 2011. SJF Music is dedicated to producing music for independent artists. SJF Music has a very simple goal. The goal of producing music: that listeners will be proud to own and to share.

Listen to some samples of his music at his website.

Visit Stephen’s Music Store, Reverbnation.

Visit Stephen on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter. Check him out on Google+.

Check out the videos on YouTube.



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4 responses to “Musicians’ Week, by Stephen Jerome Ferguson

  1. A mellow way to start the day….

  2. ontheplumtree

    Love it! Cool, mellow Jazz for a brilliantly sunny day.

  3. Thank you for allowing me the chance to share my passion for creating music with so many of your followers. I will always appreciate this.

  4. Deborah Walker

    Stephen’s music is beyond mesmerizing. It captures a certain part of you and remains there to keep you mellow all day long. I love it!

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