Musicians’ Week, by Janice Kelly

My name is Janice Kelly. I am a pianist, composer, poet, artist, and lover of photography. There is nothing more valuable to me than focusing on the aspects of life which keep people in touch with their heart. My greatest loves are music and art. All the arts are endlessly meaningful, and I feel it is important to keep the arts alive, for our survival.

My love of music began when I was just learning how to say the word. Ever since I heard my first melody on the radio, I began memorizing the notes by ear. Soon I began composing my first songs. It is difficult to put into words, rather simply try to get across the overwhelming feelings which enabled me to put all my energy and focus into my musical compositions.

I never thought of becoming a performer or known artist. Rather, my music became the one place in my life I could spend hours succumbing to the beautiful sounds of the strings of a piano, igniting my creativity…thus, the term “music to my ears.”

About my music

I began composing songs at age four, usually songs that were based on the popular music during the time. As the years moved on and I developed my own style, there were truly no barriers as the type of music I created. I enjoyed melodic music more than anything and also the blues. I’ve enjoyed music from around the world and often stylized a melody to relate to a particular culture.

My favorite music has always been melodic and emotional in style. The type of melodies that often bring tears – not tears of sadness, rather tears that are created from feeling so moved by a beautiful melody.

I have two CDs, “Somewhere In Time” and “Eternal Journey.” “Somewhere In Time” is predominantly melodic piano while “Eternal Journey” focuses more on world music where I experimented more freely creating songs that reflect music from other countries.

Music links and teasers

I have two music links and  both of which have music teasers of every song on my CDs. Those interested in downloading songs can do so for free by visiting That site includes a song entitled “Send Me The Rain” which is not recorded on the CDs.


Janice Kelly

About Janice 

I was born in Alhambra, California, but raised in the Chicago area. There were many days I spent playing the piano being snowed in, and I never minded that one bit! Often the weather would affect my creativity, motivating my imagination and putting my thoughts into a much deeper level of contemplating life.

At age two, I got my very first toy piano. One day my mother noticed I was playing songs using a few fingers, and from that moment on my fingers never left the keyboard. I did not begin recording any songs until many years later, when meeting a friend who heard me play. He volunteered to be my producer, and he is the reason my music is being heard today. After recording two CDs, I performed at local music events, wine and harvest festivals, school programs, weddings, and street fairs around the bay area. Also, I was selling my CDs at local music stores in the bay area. I majored in art in college, focusing on drawing and figure drawing, but I also enjoy oil painting and watercolors.

I am divorced with two grown children. My daughter is a published author, and my son is attending college majoring in zoology. I live in Henderson, Nevada, having moved here from Emerald Hills, California. I enjoy the dry climate and the beautiful sunsets and most of all my swimming pool and jacuzzi!


See Janice on her Facebook, and see her poetry blog at Echo Wood.

Find her music and more poetry at Deep Blue Piano and Piano Musing.

Contact her at



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3 responses to “Musicians’ Week, by Janice Kelly

  1. ontheplumtree

    Lovely music from a lovely woman. Restful, gentle and inspiring.

  2. Stacy S. Jensen

    Sounds like the weather around Chicago helped feed into your creativity. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. A precious gift you have to make such beautiful music. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift.

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