Autism Awareness

Today, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day. All of April is Autism Awareness Month. Through the Plum Tree Group, bloggers will be sharing their stories and blogs to this worthy Autism Awareness event.

Autism Awareness – To promote awareness, provide resources, and link member blogs in an event of solidarity – throughout April on the Plum Tree Books page.

Chairwoman-extraordinaire Tonia Marie Houston blogs at Passion Find. Her Twitter handle is @TMarieHouston.

The Autism Awareness effort is being coordinated by Tonia Marie through Plum Tree Books.

Other participating bloggers –

Brianna Soloski, Girl Seeks Place – blog today.
Jontybabe (JB Johnston), It’s a Crazy World!, @jontybabe
Deb Hockenberry, The Bumpy Road to Writing for Children, @storiesfan
Lorhainne Eckhart, The Choice of Giving, @Leckhart
Heather Reid, I’d Rather be Writing, @HeatherLReid
Niamh Clune, On The Plum Tree, @PlumTreeBooks

Other Plum Tree Books Links


On The Plum Tree Blog


Artwork by Karen S. Elliott



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7 responses to “Autism Awareness

  1. Reblogged this on Passionfind with Tonia Marie Houston and commented:
    Today is World Autism Day. Join us in raising awareness, seeking education, and celebrating autistic children and adults-and the people who love and care for them.

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  3. Stacy S. Jensen

    Thanks so much for all these links and information.

  4. Thank you for fighting ignorance with knowledge by shining a spotlight on this important need for awareness.

  5. Thanks, all. There are going to be numerous posts by other bloggers throughout April – I will post them on my FB.

  6. Hi Karen! Thank you for all the blog links and other info. This is a very important topic that needs more discussion and research.

  7. Brianna Soloski

    Thanks for linking up, Karen!

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