Don’t be a meat-eating dinosaur

In a previous ice age

Ice ages ago, I decided to make this writing and publishing thing my life’s work. For years I sat back and observed, read style guides and grammar manuals, took classes, attended conferences and workshops, and connected with bloggers, writers, editors, agents, publishers. I asked a few hundred questions. I learned a lot and dug up new bits of bone every day.

There is no way I could thank all the nice dinosaurs who have helped me. What I can do is help others. Provide resources. Direct my friends to blogs that I love. Suggest websites.

Fast-forward, 2012 A.D.

I find a blog, website, or tasty bit of information … even if it doesn’t apply to what I am working on during this ice age, I think, “Ah, Stacy-saur might like this.” Or, “Crikey, Susannah-don would love this!” Or, “Shawn-a-saurous will spit fire when she sees this!”

Yes, it takes a few minutes – I have to copy the link, pull up my friend’s email or Facebook page, and I have to type, “I thought you might find this helpful …”

Be a feel-good leaf eater

These personal dino-a-dino exchanges make me feel good: to share information that could make the difference to a writer after rejection letter #113, to offer inspiration when a blogger is struggling with his/her next post, to let someone know I am thinking about them when they are feeling overwhelmed or munched on by a meat-eater.

Throw all my social networking connections into a big nest, it’s probably a thousand connections; even if one leaf-eater finds merit in a link or blog I share, I do the happy-dino dance.

Feeding frenzy

Sometimes this biz is like a prehistoric shark feeding frenzy. I remember how I felt when I first stepped into this quagmire. It can suck you in, suffocate you, and squash your dreams with heavy-tread archeologist boots.

Don’t use others as stepping stones or for their talents then toss their bones aside as you move on to your next meal.

Instead of being a chomper, be a friendly paw up. Help someone out of the quagmire.

Me-Me Dinosaurs

A bunch of us vege-saurus types are having a leaf-eating party and suddenly a mean ole T-rex tromps in and starts biting. What a party-pooper.

I remember the day I realized not every dino was at this party to help others. What a sobering the-meteor-is-coming day that was. It was yucky – like biting into the pterodactyl egg salad after it had been sitting in the sun for three centuries.

Don’t be a meat-eater

Try instead being a pay-it-forward stegosaurus or iguanodon. When the archeologists dig up your bones, they’ll say, “Ah! This was a nice dinosaur.”



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8 responses to “Don’t be a meat-eating dinosaur

  1. Oh I love this analogy! And I am very glad you are a vegie-saurus 🙂 You have certainly helped me – and continue to do so! And I know I am not the only one by far. You rock!
    Much love to you my dino friend,
    Susannah-don 🙂

  2. This is a great analogy and I love your use of timeline. I’m in a slump lately with my writing and have been thinking that maybe I need to sit back and observe for a while (maybe a decade, an ice age).

  3. I know for a fact you’re a Class-A Support-a-saurus, Karen. I’m with you, and would rather feel good about my community, my online activities, and my writerly friends than to seek to ‘get a leg up’ by using others. I sleep pretty well that way. Great observation and analogy.

  4. I have to thank my grandsons Wayne, 6 y.o., and Shawn 4 1/2 y.o. They are dino-freaks. Alas, right now, they prefer the meat-eaters! 🙂 I think observing is good, but you bet when I have an opinion or an idea or quirky perspective, I jump right in. Linda – sometimes stepping away a little bit will jump-start the inspiration. I’ve been stepping back a tad myself, and suddening all sorts of lights are going *boing* over my head! Vaughn – I sleep just fine, too! Agree.

  5. From one veggiesaur to another, thanks.
    We are in this for the long haul, dodging ELEs and rapacious carnivores, and a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated in the evolutionary scheme of things. 🙂

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