North Dakota Week – VanDyck Computers

Article by Geoffrey VanDyck

In 2011, I created VanDyck Computers because I felt sick every time I had friends tell me their stories of going to a big business to have a computer fixed. The stories ranged from paying too much, computers being held hostage, technicians locking people out of their own machines with a demand for more money to unlock the computer, and even technicians looking at computers and saying, “I don’t know what’s wrong but I think you should buy our protection plan so we can fix it for you.”

In all honesty, those stories pissed me off. VanDyck Computers is a simple hobby of mine with a few basic goals: provide honest and exceptional customer service, maintain privacy for the consumer, give understandable dialogue about their computers as to what is going on, and keep prices low to save customers money.

Services offered by VanDyck Computers include: general computer cleanup, performance optimization, virus removal, hardware/software installation/removal, data recovery (when files are erased), data backup, computer restoration, and computer consultation.

To let you know about me means giving a bit of my life story. My father is a computer engineer who grew me and bred me into a technological world. I never got too deeply involved with building programs or trying to do things with computers that others couldn’t. It wasn’t until I entered the Air Force and started my degree in Computer Science that I really started using any computer skills. I earned my B.S.C.S. in 2007 and realized that when friends had computer problems they usually called this guy. In 2008 I took a digital network analysis course and found myself loving this information even more.

As time progressed, I found myself diagnosing and repairing computers comfortably because they just made sense to me. I learn something new with almost every computer job because I am constantly looking to give people my best work. I may not be the best at what I do and I am certainly not in it just for the money; I am just an average guy using my skillset to help those around me protect their investments.

This is my hobby and it is just that…a hobby. My family comes first and that may mean I don’t get to do computer work until the evening when the kids are in bed. Sometimes, I take on too many jobs and forget that I am a father first, but without my family supporting and taking care of me, I wouldn’t be doing this.

My Air Force responsibilities are also important to me because in the long run the Air Force supports and provides for my lively-hood. At night, my loving wife lets me partake in this hobby so I take care of those around me by working on their computers. I am here to help you so please feel free to ask me if you need assistance; worst case scenario is I can’t do it and I refer you to someone who can.

Geoffrey VanDyck (with fans)

Connect with Geoffrey and find computer maintenance tips and other helpful info at his blog and on Facebook at VanDyck Computers.


I have worked with Geoffrey personally (my own laptop) and I can and do endorse him and his work. – Karen S. Elliott



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8 responses to “North Dakota Week – VanDyck Computers

  1. I love Geoff & his work! He fixed both my desktop (seen above with the sunset picture on it!) and my son’s netbook. So fast, so friendly, and I just think he’s phenomenal. 🙂

  2. ontheplumtree

    Hello from England. I love this article. It shows the kind of dedication that i laud loudly. What a nice guy you sound. Thank you Karen for sharing this little corner of the world with us and the people in it.

  3. Dang – wish you were in the mountains! I can fix/figure out most things with my computer, but lately it’s doing some weird-arse thangs. There is a place in Waynesville I believe I can trust, and I may have to tote it over there . . .

    And you sound like such a great guy – good luck with your hobby and business and live and everything!

  4. Marge Hirr

    Proud of your accomplishments, ( and think that baking cookies may have helped?)

  5. Wow, I wish you were in Virginia! Refreshing to hear about such principled entrepreneurs. It will pay off, Geoffrey.

    And thank you for your service to our country!

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