My Musical Muse Makes Magical Merry

Boogie woogie, disco groove

Brahms, Tchaikovsky, or baroque

Philip Sousa, head banger, rock

Try a Joplin, Janice, Scott

Piano, cello, the violin

YoYo Ma and Itzhak Perlman

Denver, Croce, or Kenny Rankin

Lynn, Hendrix, and Clapton

Blues and jazz, Hip hop, rap

Bocelli, Groban, opera’s snap!

Glenn Miller, Dorseys, Count Basie

Tony, Ella, Darin, or Frankie

Pink, GaGa, Will Smith, too

Ohio Players, Ices T and Cube

Spoonful, Tull, and Pink Floyd

The Boss, King Coal, or Beach Boys

Donna Summer, Bee Gees

Earth, Wind & Fire, Sunshine’s KC

Alan Jackson, George Strait

Paul Revere and his Raiders

Emmylou, Toby Keith

Mamas, Papas, Elvis Presley

AC/DC, ZZ Top, Rat Pack

Herman’s Hermits, Fleetwood Mac

Kenny G, Miles Davis

Pete Fountain, Tijuana Brass

Patsy Cline, Temptations, Supremes

Stones, Gaye, and the Beatles

Sade, Houston, Anya

Welsh Tenors, Handel’s Messiah!


What music gets your muse going? Feel free to share links in comments.

Messiah – Must Listen!



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19 responses to “My Musical Muse Makes Magical Merry

  1. It is rather amazing the wealth of music available these days, and the wide range people may listen to and enjoy. That said, I’ve found that I “zone out” when working so that often the music has stopped for hours before I notice. I’m not sure if this is a plus or minus. Possibly it suggests a limited number of the little gray cells that must devote themselves to the most important task at hand.

  2. I’m loving this one right now:

  3. Journey always puts me in a creative mood!

  4. Petra Meinke

    Some time ago, I was in the same room with my daughter who downloaded different types of movie trailer music. I was pondering a few scenes for my book when I realized how much this music actually triggered in me. By now I have found my muse working best if I listen to epic trailer music. It stimulates my creative mind to no end. Here are some of my favourites:

    • Ii like these, Petra. They both remind me of some of the movie soundtracks I’ve listened to. They both have a bid of “urgency.” The second one – with the little bits of the heavy bells – gives it an “old world” feel. Good choices!

  5. I can’t have music with words on while I’m writing, so the old “new age” music works wonders. Different songs go with different stories! I love the rhyming you did – was that a lot of work? 🙂

    • Music with words, yes, sometimes too distracting. That’s one of the reasons I like listening to some movie soundtracks, like Waterworld, Dancing with Wolves. Even Jurassic Park! Yes, it was a lot of work! Started out with a few jots here and there, then typing, then cutting and pasting, then trying to find like or rhyming names – lots of fun, though! I got the idea from a FB post I did. Music seems to interest everybody.

  6. In a meditative mood, I always listen to Hildegarde von Bingen–though I so many variations that some are quite avant garde.
    For being Medieval, that is . 🙂

  7. Now this one had be grinning ear to ear! This was great Karen! 🙂

  8. Love this post!
    My musical muse vacillates between Guns n Roses, Tina Dico (Thanks Vaughn!), Angus and Julia Stone, Bon Jovi and Handel, Baroque and everything in between…..depends on the scene, my mood, the time of day and the weather!

    • You make a good point – scene. If I’m writing a dark scene, I certainly wouldn’t choose to listen to disco or boogie woogie big bands. I love Baroque or any dark classical for my freaky-scary scenes.

  9. Love this, Karen — I can see you had fun with it. It reminds me that I don’t listen to enough music anymore. I have never liked music in the background when I work, and I seem to work all the time, so there you go.

    I play the guitar occasionally for civic groups and nursing homes — usually sing folk, country, hymns, and patriotic songs — always favorites with older people…and I’m getting to be “older people” myself. Vince Gill, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and Rascal Flatts are favorite country groups.

    I love the intricate precision of Bach, the flowing beauty of Tchaikowsky, the drama of Rachmaninoff.

    I am in awe of my cousin Amy White and her husband Al Petteway. They put on an awesome show if they ever come to your area. They are enormously talented musicians, singers, and performers. Here are a couple of their performances:

    • All this time I’ve known you, and I didn’t know you played the guitar! I do like the classical stuff a lot. And it works for those of us who can’t write when there are words with music. I have always loved Randy Travis. Saw him once in Albuquerque. He’s quite a showman. AL AND AMY – Wonderful! They are very talented. Feels a bit Celtic, which I love. Thank you for sharing these two pieces.

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