Father’s Day Theme Week Kick-Off

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

Our Father’s Day Theme Week kick-off starts with a share. Elizabeth H. Cottrell of Heartspoken posted Father’s Day gift ideas with What shall I give Dad for Father’s Day? a couple weeks ago.

I wanted to share Elizabeth’s blog first – there is still time to pick up, or plan, your Father’s Day gift-giving.

Do the clickety-click and check out Elizabeth’s blog here!


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3 responses to “Father’s Day Theme Week Kick-Off

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was busy creating photocards this morning.

  2. Thanks, Karen, and I appreciate your comment, Stacy. I think we all have some anxiety about gift-giving in one way or another. I hope my article will help make it easier for some of you.

  3. As a grandparent, I can agree – any sort of pictures of the grandkids are always welcome.

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