What keeps you awake at night?

Your parents, the kids, the grandkids?

Leaving town, finding your way in a new town?

Not enough money, what to do with too much money?

Quitting an old job, looking for a new job?

Writing the first chapter, writing the last chapter?

Sending submissions, waiting for a reply, the rejection letters?

Too few clients, too many clients?

Finding your way, losing your way, getting back on track?


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12 responses to “What keeps you awake at night?

  1. it varies since I have an over-active brain. But lately it’s been the new novel (Lightning Charmer) — I am so filled with angst and worry and as well the characters and scenes and bits of dialogue crowd my head. GMR keeps saying “hello? you with us here on earth?” laughing – but he knows how I can get at this stage of a novel.


  2. Aside from rambunctious little felines, I usually stay awake noodling out points in a story–or sometimes fretting over a batch of puzzle editing I just sent in–did I edit things hard enough or go too obscure….Somehow I stay up over work I do for other more often than work I do for myself. The latter I am apt to work out more thoroughly in the dreamtime. 🙂

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  4. Usually first chapter/next chapter/submissions, but of late: Not a thing! Windows open and nice cool, pull-up-the-blanket breezes have me sleeping like a baby! Hoping cool breezes blow into the rest of your nights. Sweet dreams, Karen! 🙂

  5. Kat, Shawn, and Vaughn (hey, that rhymes). Thank you for your comments! I know my keeps-me-awake concerns change from time to time. Right now, I’m sleeping pretty good! Once I send a submission, I try to forget it, but that is not always possible.

  6. This summer, being too hot! That usually gets my claustrophobia going. Otherwise, it’s usually day job related stuff. I feel comfortable with the rest of my life, I guess! 🙂

  7. I usually sleep pretty well, but when I get the mind-racing syndrome, it’s usually one of two things: 1) too much caffeine too late in the day or 2) too much on my plate and I’m subconsciously worrying about it.

    It helps me to do a “brain dump” before I go to made (that’s an ugly phrase for making a To Do list). It seems to relieve me of the worry that I’ll forget something important.

  8. To-do lists are a staple for me. I also check these lists periodically to make sure I’ve not forgotten something. And there are still times when I wake up and think, “Oops!”

  9. The only two things that mess with my sleep are worrying and pain. Those are the sleep monsters for me. Keep those away and I sleep like a rock!

    • While I do worry about many of the items I mentioned in the blog, I try to talk myself to sleep with “It will work out, it will work out …. zzzzz.” I don’t often experience pain, but dog tired and aching I do experience!

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