God Bless Our Troops

Adam, Karoline, and Wil

For Karoline

by Karen S. Elliott, 2009

We didn’t know each other

A year ago or more.

We were just two single mothers

Til deployments hit our core.

Our sons are in the Air Force

And have been shipped off to Iraq.

We suffer through the sorrow,

Praying they will soon be back.

We sacrifice and stifle sobs,

Occasionally we weep;

We’re moms, it is our job,

Stiff upper lip – our creed.

M-4s and 9 mil handguns,

the launching of grenades;

Armor replaces balls and bats

and backyard lemonade.

And now we know each other,

Entwined we have become.

Our sons, they live like brothers,

As mothers, we’re as one.

Adam and Kenton in Iraq

Adam in Iraq

Kenton in Iraq



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4 responses to “God Bless Our Troops

  1. Karoline Stock

    Thanks so much, Karen. I love my poem. Thanks, too, for all you’re doing to help the troops.

  2. Thank you, mothers of the troops, for your sacrifices. God bless you for all you do.

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