Playing literary dress-up

Ogden Nash

Happy Halloween!If you were going to dress up as a favorite writer or as a character from a favorite book, what would your costume look like?

My greatest influences – Stephen King for horror and Ogden Nash for humor in poetry.


The Porcupine

Any hound a porcupine nudges
Can’t be blamed for harboring grudges.
I know one hound that laughed all winter
At a porcupine that sat on a splinter.

The Ant

The ant has made herself illustrious
By constant industry industrious.
So what? Would you be calm and placid
If you were full of formic acid?

-By Ogden Nash


For more of the amusing and amazing Ogden Nash, see

Google is having fun on their home page today. In case you haven’t seen it.

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9 responses to “Playing literary dress-up

  1. I used to go as Oscar Wilde – in my more flamboyant youth. πŸ™‚
    “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.”

  2. If I dress up, I typically have to explain my costume. I spend most of my time saying “Get it. I’m X.” I guess that means I need more practice. Happy Halloween!

  3. nancyelizabethlauzon

    I’d dress up as Stephen Leacock … who was the author of so many great quotes, including: β€œWriting is no trouble: you just jot down ideas as they occur to you. The jotting is simplicity itself–it is the occurring which is difficult.” HA!

  4. I used to make my kids fabulous costumes, but I’ve never liked dressing up myself. I’m sure that will change when I have grandchildren.

    But if I did, I’d rather be a character than an author — maybe Winnie the Pooh! πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t dress up much any more (at least not this year). But I do love going trick-or-treating with the grandsons. I had a ninja and a Spiderman tonight.

  6. Wonderfully fun poetry! I don’t know who I would be. I used to want to be Wonder Woman, but only if I could have a very realistic costume. And look like Wonder Woman in it. πŸ™‚ Does comic books count for your question?.

  7. If your character is in print, she qualifies!

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