Holidays and kids are picture perfect

Stacy Van Dyck 1Stacy VanDyck is an Air Force wife, mom, and photographer (husband Geoffrey was featured yesterday) and works out of her home at the Minot Air Force Base.

Stacy Van Dyck 2

Stacy VanDyck Photography is a member of the Pictures of Hope Foundation. The Pictures of Hope Foundation is a charitable organization of professional photographers who provide complimentary photography sessions to babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who are not quite ready to come home.

Stacy Van Dyck 3

Connect with Stacy at her website or on Facebook.

Stacy Van Dyck 4


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6 responses to “Holidays and kids are picture perfect

  1. These pictures are adorable. Great work Stacy and thanks for sharing Karen.

  2. Wonderful pix! What a precious and permanent for parents.

  3. I still have fun looking at old pics of my own son, and family, and when my grands were babies.

  4. Adorable!!!! What a gift she has!
    Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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