Guest blog for Lindsay McLoughlin, Dear Loved One

sorrowI am a guest on Lindsay McLoughlin’s blog with one of my favorite epistles on writing and blogging, Dear Loved One. You may have read it before – I have featured it on my own blog – but if not, click here.

Lindsay was a guest on my blog recently with Upsetting the Apple Cart.

Great articles on Lindsay’s blog include Round the guest blogging world in 80 days (about her campaign to reach out to people around the world), The devil’s in the detail, Does this blog look and read okay? (origins of the word “Okay”), and as a guest on Copywrite Matters blog with Twitter isn’t quiet.

Lindsay McLoughlin (2)Lindsay McLoughlin is a mum to three brilliant little girls who are full of life and fun; wife to a wonderfully kind and supportive man with the patience of a saint; proofreader/editor/copywriter for all things marketing related; landlady to rowers visiting Henley Royal Regatta.

Connect with Lindsay on her website, on her blog, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. To guest blog with Lindsay, click here.


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6 responses to “Guest blog for Lindsay McLoughlin, Dear Loved One

  1. Thank you, Karen. It has been lovely “blogging” with you both as a guest and as a host. You have been fun, informative and inspiring. Here’s to more of the same..!

  2. Karen, I saw a peek into another side of you I haven’t seen before and feel I know you a bit better now.
    You’ve really touched on something that a sad truth in our society. Reading, writing, books and all things related just don’t seem to be a priority anymore.

  3. I loved your article and commented on Lindsay’s site. I too feel blessed to have such amazing blogging friends who offer so much support.

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