Poetry Week welcomes writer Pamela S. Wight

pamela wight snow

Snow Falls
Pamela S. Wight

Snow falls as silently as stardust on a bright clear night.
Stardust covers the houses and the trees and the ground and you –
if you’re out on a star-filled night.
The sound is a hush.
A hush as haunting and beautiful as a
mother’s lullaby to her newborn babe.
It’s the same sound of snow falling on oak and dale,
on lampposts and driveway, on forest and plain.
But the snowflakes are exposed by their very nature;
they are white and pristine on a background of pewter sky.
The snow shines like elegant moving polka dots
floating with the grace of a thousand ballerinas.
It’s the dance of nature’s beauty,
of the grace of life and death,
of love from the spirit of the universe.
Snow falls silently so we can hear
our own delight at nature’s spectacle.
Snow falls silently so we can accept
our life, and death,
on nature’s terms.


pamela wightPamela Wight is a published writer and editor.  She fulfills her need to write often and to write well by teaching creative writing classes in Boston as well as the San Francisco Bay area, and has written/edited/published a Zine of short stories and poems.  Belonging to the Women’s National Book Association/SF and the California Writers Club keeps her connected with other writers crazy for their craft. Pamela’s novels include The Right Wrong Man and (soon-to-be-published) Twin Desires, and in progress, Life After Kids and The Inn of No Regrets. Pamela highlights her passion for writing and living in her blog, Roughwighting.

Connect with Pam on Facebook and on Twitter.

pamela wight The Right Wrong Man cover




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14 responses to “Poetry Week welcomes writer Pamela S. Wight

  1. Falling snow compared to ballerinas…lovey image. Loved the poem.

  2. For those of us who grew up in climates with lots of snow, this resonates beautifully, yet still has such lovely, original imagery!

    And I’ve just finished The Right Wrong Man and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Congrats to a woman of many talents.

  3. Pamela, you make me miss snow even more!
    And, Henry is quite handsome! 😉

    • Henry helped me with the poem. 🙂
      I’d watch him just sit on the stoop as the snow fell, nose twitching, eyes closed, a smile creasing his face as it got covered with snowflakes. Magical.

  4. Sorry, folks, but living in North Dakota – I don’t get a chance to miss the snow. But yes, beautiful images. I liked the ballerina part, too! Wight – you are a woman of many talents.
    Thanks again, Shirani, for reblogging all the blogs all week! How generous!

  5. Walking with Beverley

    Beautiful poem; made snow elegant and beautiful!

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