Poetry Week wrap up on Heartspoken.com

CactusBloomKSExDesert Canvas wraps up Poetry Week

Months ago, Elizabeth H. Cottrell and I started to chat about featuring one of my poems on her Heartspoken blog…then we both got, ya know, busy.

I decided to have a Poetry Week on my blog, and the blocks fell into place.

The Poetry Week wrap-up, Desert Canvas, is on Elizabeth’s Heartspoken blog.


Are you a small business owner? Learn how to connect, create, and communicate on Elizabeth’s Riverwood Writer blog.


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2 responses to “Poetry Week wrap up on Heartspoken.com

  1. What an honor to have you and your beautiful poem on my blog today, Karen. You’ve captured some of the rich imagery of the American Southwest so powerfully.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. There is so much beauty in the desert, if you take the time to look. Thank you for having me on your blog – it was the perfect wrap up for a stellar Poetry Week.

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