Stop the madness!

I would be lost without them.

I would be lost without them.

Bombing at the Boston Marathon. Shootings in Connecticut, an Army base, high schools, theatres. A gunman taking fire fighters hostage. Spouses killing spouses and their kids. Families wiped out because of drunk drivers.

What is wrong with us?

Where have we gone wrong?

I know a lot of it is temper; I know a lot of it is to claim notoriety (it’s sick, but that’s it); I know some is because of bullying; I know a lot is just plain old stupidity.

Why aren’t we doing something?

Why am I not doing something?

Do I know someone who’s a little bit off? Maybe.

Do I know someone who’s suffering from mental illness and refuses to take his/her meds? Hmm, probably.

Do I know someone who’s drinking and driving? Yep.

And what do I do?

He survived Iraq.

He survived Iraq.

I go to work, I spend time with my kids, I log in to FB, I read, I check my email. What a waste of my good time.

We can’t all be advocates of every problem. We can’t all be supporters for cures of every mental disease or societal disease. We can’t pick up the binoculars and watch every neighbor.

But we can be aware, we can be vigilant.

And we should all have at least ONE crusade.

I know what mine is going to be.

My lovely d-in-law. I don't want to lose her.

My lovely d-in-law. I don’t want to lose her.



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9 responses to “Stop the madness!

  1. I’m on several crusades, and I know it aggravates some people, but I just *cannot* sit by and do nothing and sleep comfortably at night. Write on, girlie!

  2. Karen, you are so right. Every time there is a shooting or other similar act, there are some of us who are afraid to read the name of the perpetrator for fear it is the family member or neighbor or associate we have worried about for years. It is impossible to force mental health services on someone against their will unless they pose a direct threat to themselves or someone else. If they do not see that their thinking is way out of the norm, if they feel justified in their feelings, there is little anyone can do to help. And then there is such a shortage of mental health services that many still fall through the cracks. Many people don’t want their tax dollars going to “the lazy bums on welfare” without understanding that a lot of other services get tarred with that “welfare” brush and so the beat goes on.
    Sorry about the soap box…it is a frustration that will probably never end.

  3. TKG

    Karen, thank you for your thoughtful comments. Perhaps you didn’t mean it this way, but some of your comments could be interpreted as having more empathy for the perpetrator than for the victims. I don’t agree with reacting to a terrorist bombing as, “Poor guy, he had a hard childhood…” Many people have had to contend with difficulties in their childhood — even horrors — or later, and it didn’t turn them into mass murderers. The pathology of murder is, I’m sure, complex and different in every case, but I don’t think one can simply say, “He’s mentally ill…” Hard as it may be for us to accept, there really are people in this world who are sane but who perpetrate atrocities and evil.

  4. Hi Karen – very important to remind us do something to stop the madness. Often, I cannot believe what I am seeing/hearing on the news. Thanks for urging us to do something.

  5. This was yet another killing where someone was happy to hit the innocent and unprotected. It’s time now not just to look at those with mental problems and helping them but to stop using drones and giving the opposition the chance to claim that this is revenge for killing innocents abroad. It’s time to address the problems of those home grown terrorists who feel America has lost it’s way giving them license to take to the hills and plot against the Government. It’s time for the Government to listen to the concerns of the people and withdraw troops from places where their presence is not welcome and the battle for hearts and minds has been lost.
    Most of all it’s a time for dialogue towards peace before more generations of children know nothing but perpetual war and can be killed and maimed on the streets of their Cities like Boston.

  6. Good post Karen, and good comments. At the end of the day, no one is promised a long and happy, healthy life, so one thing is to appreciate and tell the people you love that you love them. Every day. Then try to make this world a better place. My thing is GMO’s, Monsanato and fracking.

  7. Very thoughtful post. There is one thing that troubles me during times like this — the nonstop media coverage. After doing PR/media for the AF for 26 yrs., the one thing we were taught was never give media attention to terrorists what ever the incident. That’s what they seek. I have always thought this should be the same for any incident. I feel for those who lost love ones, were injured or witnessed the horror. But is the nonstop news coverage a good thing — it only encourages many off-balanced people, copycats or miliyia groups seeking a moment of glory. Can’t help but wonder how much we contribute to the issue. We need a think-tank on this subject and how we cover them. We live in a insane world, but I can’t help but wonder if there are things we can do differently — including some of the things you mentioned.

  8. I’m not responding to any comments. I want people to feel free to make their comments, pour out their souls, disagree, etc. Just please do something positive – take a step that might make a difference in someone’s life.

  9. I like your suggestion of each person having one crusade. It reminds me of the saying “I can’t do everything, but I can do something.”
    I’ve always had several crusades going on, but found myself too drained to be effective. I’ve narrowed down to helping those in emotional pain.

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