International Earth Week – by Kathryn Magendie

Kat clouds

Kathryn Magendie is a novelist, Publishing Editor of Rose & Thorn Journal, former personal trainer. Her published novels

Kathryn Magendie

Kathryn Magendie

are: The Graces Trilogy: Tender Graces, Secret Graces, Family Graces; Sweetie, and novella Petey in The Firefly Dance. The Lightning Charmer will be released fall 2013.

Connect with Kathryn on Facebook, Twitter, on her blog, on Pinterest, and on her Amazon author page.

Kat grass


Kat flower

Kat bird

Kat tree

Kat spiderweb

Kat tree 2



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16 responses to “International Earth Week – by Kathryn Magendie

  1. Such inviting reminders of spring!

  2. Thank you, Karen *smiling*

  3. Thank you, Karen – you, too, Shawn! *smiling*

  4. Oh Kat, you are a woman of so many talents! Hard to pick a favorite from these, but the dew-kissed spider’s web is spectacular. I also love the long stalk — don’t know the word for it — is it catkin? Stunning in its simple beauty.

  5. A woman of many talents! Though not a fan of spiders, I must admit I love the web photo best!

  6. Beautiful images. I especially like the mountains at the top of the page. The sky shot is stellar well!

  7. Kat has mad skillz, and gorgeously written novels is just one of many of them. If I had to pick a fave, I’d go web, but all are beauteous.

  8. Such beautiful pictures of spring. What a talented person. Her novels sound intriguing. Grace is one of my favorite words.

  9. Y’all are so wonderful — like a big ole sky of awesomeness! Thank you so very much for your words *smiling warmly at all of you!* — sorry for my delayed response – been in “editing stages” of newest book – lawdy!

  10. angie

    How can one little ol’ woman hold so much talent?! ❤

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