International Earth Week – by Angie Ledbetter

Angie 2

Angie Ledbetter is a Co-publishing Editor of Rose & Thorn Journal. Angie

She enjoys doodling and dabbling in various creative arts, writing poetry, editing, photography, cooking, and napping.

Ledbetter is currently revising her women’s fiction novel.


Angie 3

Angie 1

Angie 4

Angie 10

Angie 8

Angie 9

Angie 5

Angie 7


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18 responses to “International Earth Week – by Angie Ledbetter

  1. Lovely photos from a lovely woman — the redwing blackbird is one of my faves

  2. Jessica Messinger

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the breath of fresh air I needed today!

  3. angie

    Thanks for hosting me/my photos, Karen, and for your comments, Kat & Jessica. πŸ™‚

  4. I agree, all lovely, but, oooo, the tunnel of trees. In the words of Tina Fey, I want to go to there. Wonderful, Angie!

  5. Monique Enete

    Beautiful! so excited for you

  6. I love the red winged blackbird too!

    Angie are you related to any of the Eunice, Louisiana, Ledbetters? That is my husband’s home town, and he said he had some Ledbetter neighbors and an elementary school teacher named Ledbetter.

    • Elizabeth — my father-in-law’s family was/is all over the south, so it’s possible. Lots in North Louisiana and Arkansas. (He had 8 or 9 siblings.)

  7. Nice wrap up to a nice week of images! These look great Angie. Well done! Thanks Karen!

  8. Thanks all for visiting and commenting. Lizi – we’re not done yet – one more guest tomorrow.

  9. Thanks, Lizi. And thank YOU, Ms. Elliott for hosting us. Love seeing photos from different areas and countries.

  10. Thank Karen, great photography this week. Wow, Angie has some really stunning photography. Loved some of the reflections on the water.

  11. Wow, Angie, that peacock is a stunner! Is it albino?

  12. We had a white peacock at the Minot Zoo, until the flood. I’m not sure he’s back or not. Zoo reopens next week.

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