The mother of my grandchildren

img002I will never forget the first time I saw her.

My son pointed her out. “There she is.”

That tall, blonde, gorgeous woman? In an Air Force uniform?

I told him to go for it.

“She’s older than me,” he said.

“Who cares?” I said.

She’s been married to my only child, my boy, for more than twelve years.

She’s the mom to my most precious gifts – my two grandsons.

She’s also my BFF.


Chris and boys (7)





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23 responses to “The mother of my grandchildren

  1. This is beautiful. How blessed you all are to have such wonderful relationships. Everyone benefits from this kind of love 🙂

  2. Karoline Stock

    Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!

  3. Thank you for sharing that lovely tribute, Karen! Bless you and your daughter-in-law on this day and everyday. Hugs,

  4. What a wonderful tribute to someone who sounds like a wonderful person. I’m so happy for you. Like you, I’m so fortunate that my children are married to people I love and respect.

  5. Really heartwarming Karen. You’ve dispelled the myth about Mothers in law. xx Hugs xx

    • Yeah, I’ve tried to be friend, cheerleader, stay out of their business, don’t suggest how to do stuff (unless she asks), don’t visit too often, and always call ahead. It’s pretty darn awesome. I’m not at all like the mothers-in-law I’ve had – oy!

  6. Lovely post, Karen. Happy Mother’s Day to you AND the mother of your grandchildren! ;~)

  7. Lovely post, Karen! Beautiful DIL and grandkids!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you both!!

  8. You are so lucky!! But guess what, so is your daughter-in-law, big time. This post gave me happy goose bumps. HMD.

  9. Such a beautiful tribute to your daughter-in-law. Happy Mother’s Day to you. You really are lucky that she’s also your BFF.

  10. Yes, you are very blessed, Karen!!

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