Main Street Celebration – Minot, North Dakota

historic main street from central ave

My Main Street, Minot, North Dakota

All this week, I celebrate Main Street. Features on the blog will highlight businesses along Main Street, Minot, and will include –

Main Street Books

Taube Museum

10 North Main

Margie’s Art Glass


About Minot

Founded: 1886, during the construction of the Great Northern Railway. Minot is also called “Magic City,” commemorating its extraordinary growth in a short time.

The town was named after Henry D. Minot, a railroad investor.

The city was incorporated on June 28, 1887.

Minot is the fourth largest city in the state. 2010 census put us at 40K+ people. In 2012, the Minot Area Development Corporation estimated between 46,000 and 47,000 permanent residents within city limits.

I am proud to say that my son (active duty – Air Force) and my daughter-in-law (Air National Guard) both serve at the Minot Air Force Base.



Well, y’all have heard me complain about the winters, and don’t get me started on the flood of 2011. But record temps have gone over the 100 mark in the summer. Record lows (I think we saw them last winter) reach into the -50s with a brutal wind chill.

According to Agriculture in the Classroom  –

“North Dakota weather can be extreme! The state’s highest temperature reading – 121 degrees – and all-time low reading – 60 below zero – were recorded less than six months apart in the same year, 1936!”


Spring wheat, durum, barley, sunflowers, flaxseed, canola, sugar beets, potatoes, oats, and others. If you ever eat spaghetti, chances are you are eating North Dakota durum.

On four legs

Recent estimates maintain that there are nearly two million head of cattle, over 160,000 pigs, and almost 90,000 sheep in North Dakota. So, thank a farmer.

State flora, fauna

Our State Bird: Western Meadowlark

The Peace Tower at the International Peace Garden

The Peace Tower at the International Peace Garden

Our State Tree: American Elm

Our State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose


Peace Garden State.

Click the link to see more about our beautiful International Peace Garden.

Geographical Center of North America

Rugby, North Dakota, is the geographical center of North America! Bet you didn’t know that. For more info., see Rugby, North Dakota.


North Dakota’s motto, “Strength from the Soil,” appears on the state’s coat of arms and governor’s flag.


Opening photo courtesy Old Photos.


Does your town have special events planned for the 4th of July?

Do you know your state’s motto, tree, flower, and bird?


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14 responses to “Main Street Celebration – Minot, North Dakota

  1. Sounds like someone is rightly proud of her City and State.

  2. The Peace Tower is beautiful. Our town probably does, but we’ll hang out in our neighborhood. The development has a band playing in one of our parks. Yay! Just walk down to the fun.

  3. I’ve never been in Minot. I love the picture of the picture of the city in the 30-40s?? The town has a whole different look now. Love the Peace Tower. I love farm communities. Wonderful, hardworking families. Such a lovely post and I enjoyed looking at the shops. Can tell you like the city.

  4. I love historic towns! …the Peace Tower is awesome!

  5. Thanks, all. It took me a couple of years to adjust, but I like it fine now. And I’ve made more friends and some great associate-contacts here in Minot. Now that I have an apartment, a regular job, friends…all good. And of course, I’m just a hop and a skip away from the kids and grandkids – love that!

  6. That was a great tour, Karen!
    Never been to ND before, but am still hoping to make it to SD next month!! heh heh 😉

    state flower: rhododendron
    bird: goldfinch
    tree: I thought it was douglas fir, but I cheated and found out it’s hemlock!

  7. Yeah, I’m disappointed I can’t have a vacation this year. Wish we could meet…someday!

  8. Fascinating. I love learning about Minot. Until I started reading your blogs, it was just a blip way up there on a map to me. Now it’s a fascinating, edgy (re its weather), beautiful, hard, fascinating place. Thanks!

  9. Karen, I love these glimpses of Main Street! What a great idea… There is something about midwestern cities and towns – they are just magical to me in their simple timelessness. I loved this tour of Minot!

    • I’ll admit, not too fond of the place after the first winter and then the flood. But I’ve grown to like it. “Magical” – Minot is called “The Magic City!”

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