Inspiration from simple, every-day observations

DSC01656As writers, we find inspiration from simple – even mundane – observations.

We might have a character that resembles the kooky guy at the coffee shop. Or a trait of another character that reminds us of a loved one. Perhaps one of your characters can juggle (as does my son).

We can memorialize others by creating short stories around their pleasures (like I did in “The Garden”) or writing of an event that gave us great joy (like “Mom and Bocelli”).

We can also do away with those that have wronged us (wait til ya see what I do to an ex in “Ruth Tees Off”).

Single events or commonplace observations can lead to inspiration – for our characters, stories, and our poetry.

For instance…

image (4)

Three Shaved Heads

by Karen R. Sanderson

Military boys, all in a row.

One mature sergeant

And his two little clones.

Three shaved heads, all in a row.

Man, his boy, and his boy’s little bro.

First came a young boy,

Married so young.

One childlike man,

In an orderly row.

So there, that’s one.

Then came the first offspring,

They cuddle, side by side.

Two shaved heads,

In an orderly row.

So, then there were two.

Along came another boy,

Preemie and scared.

Later flourishing, strong.

The first two scoot over.

So, then there were three.

Three shaved heads, in an orderly row.


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5 responses to “Inspiration from simple, every-day observations

  1. I agree completely that the ability to find inspiration in simple things—whether it manifests as humor, pathos, joy, hate, or some other emotion—is at the core of most good writing. If you think about it, this skill of observation is also behind every good photographer, comedian, and probably many others.

    Loved the “Three shaved heads in an orderly row!”

  2. I love pictures from behind…so sweet!!
    And love those shaved heads!! 😉

    • Thanks, Denise. A boy should have a boy’s haircut, don’t you agree?

      • Agreed!
        When my son was about 5 he wanted a mohawk and I said ‘why not?’ My girlfriend was horrified! I said, eh hair grows back, why not let them be who they want to be? He never did anything crazy with his hair again, but my girlfriend’s son wore his hair in about a dozen mini ponytails for several months in middle school. 😉

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