Less blogging leads to more procrastinating

DSC01134You may have noticed – I’ve been blogging a lot less. Or maybe you didn’t notice – eek!

Poetry collection

My original intent was to work less on blogging and more on my poetry collection (for self-publication). Although I have been doing more poetry writing and editing, I’ve not been doing as much as I originally intended.


It’s a scourge. I do more procrastinating every day. Though I am making little dents in my “to do” list.


So you may see some repeat blogs (I do want to refresh my content – search engines like that), but it might not be fresh.

Other fabulous blogs

With me not blogging as much, you have more time to check out these fabulous blogs –


Shawn MacKenzie – She’s my editor and is providing loads of great advice on the poetry collection. She SO gets me! Find her blog at MacKenzie’s Dragonsnest. Her Editor’s Corner is especially awesome.


Elizabeth Cottrell

Elizabeth H. Cottrell – Find her blogging at Heartspoken, where you will discover wise advice for connecting with God, nature, others, and self. See her new tab for The Nature Store. Elizabeth is also helping me slog through CreateSpace.


Linda Boulanger

Linda Boulanger – Wait til you see her book covers! I’m going to tap her when I get my poetry collection together, and I have the artwork done (yes, I’m doing it myself). She creates striking covers! She can design a cover for you – no matter the genre. Check out her site. 


pamela wight

Pamela Wight – She writes over at Rough Wighting, a blog of daily living. She’s a relatively new gal pal, and I think we were separated at birth – we are so in sync! Pamela has two published novels and teaches creative writing.


Susannah Friis

Susannah Friis – She and her hubs write articles and publish in Brisbane, Australia. Find Susannah at Personally Speaking. She blogs to “explore life in such a way as to enlighten and broaden my own thoughts and perspectives.” She is a breath of fresh air.


Vaugh Roycroft

Vaughn Roycroft – He does not blog a lot, but when he does, they are significant. He is a gentleman and a scholar, and he writes darn good blogs. Find Vaughn at Seeking the Inner Ancient.

Eboch credit Sonya Sones
Chris Eboch – Funny I didn’t “meet” her until after I moved away from NM – she’s in NM! Chris is a writer of MG, YA, and adult fiction. And she edits too. See her awesome blog at Write Like a Pro!


Cyndi Briggs

Cyndi Briggs – She blogs over yonder at The Sophia Project. Her blogs address and tackle serious stuff in a fun, sometimes introspective, way. A joy of a blog.


What fabulous blogs do you follow? Feel free to mention them here and provide links so we can all find them.


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20 responses to “Less blogging leads to more procrastinating

  1. Thanks so for the mention, Karen, plus all the wonderful other blogs cited. I’m honored to be in such good company. Procrastination, a, the bane of or existence, I was supposed to put something together today about the kittens but wound up having a little Dragon fun instead. A well. Tomorrow is another day, right? And I will be more alert.:-)

  2. Thanks for the mention! I feel a little out of place amongst such illustrious company, though!
    You’re a doll 🙂 xo

  3. Oh, heavens yes to all of the above. You should have seen how quickly I hit click when I saw your post in my inbox.

    It’s so much easier said than done. But I’m here for you and you’re welcome to give me a firm kick in the fanny when I need it.

    Much love and I cannot wait to get a copy of your poetry book in my hands.


    • karenrsanderson

      I am so glad you have the clickety-click when you see my blog, TM! The book, my poetry collection…it’s being worked on. But like I said, I enjoy the writing so much more than the edting. Though Shawn is giving me HUGE, and good, advice on re-writes. Groan on re-writes.

  4. What a thrill to be included with these terrific folks — including some with whom I need to reconnect. Karen, you are the Queen of putting talented people together, and it was my lucky day when our paths crossed.

    I’m ready to jump back into helping you get that book published!

    • karenrsanderson

      Call me Queen K, please! Yes, I love to connect talented folks with each other. I’m still editing new poetry and re-editing the poetry Shawn sent back. Man, she’s tough, and totally great! This poetry collection is gonna be fabulous!

  5. You have pointed to some great blogs here. I’ve had trouble keeping up with all the blogs I want to read. Well, I haven’t kept up even though I always intend to. The thing I’ve noticed is that the busier I am, the more I get done.

  6. Nice to see you again Karen especially when you confirm how good my taste is getting by showing me we follow some of the same people. Well I have some more now don’t I. Thanks for that. Best of luck with the book.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. Wow, thanks! What a lovely compliment. And count me among those feeling honored by the company, as well. I know some of these folks, but absolutely will check out the others.

    And your book – how exciting! Wishing you Godspeed getting it ready, and the best of luck with it! Thanks for including me, Karen!

    • karenrsanderson

      You are so welcome, Vaughn. Meant every word! Your blogs are seldom but are wacka-wacka, every time. And I can’t wait to see your series in print. I’ll admit – not a fan of the genre – but I’ll buy them because they are written by you. And I know all the work that you’ve put in. God speed to you too!

  8. You made me sigh and blush and cry out ‘Yee Haw’ and laugh all at the same time at 6 in the morning. I sighed because I DID notice you aren’t blogging as much, and I miss your “voice” big time. (Love the ‘procrastinator’ picture at the top, by the way…). I blushed because you included me and my blog with these top notch bloggers who I admire. I cried out and laughed because you included me and my blog with these top notch bloggers who I admire. 🙂 Thanks, Karen. Now stop reading this and write your next blog!!

    • karenrsanderson

      That’s our “baby” Shawn (now 6 y.o.), looking bored.
      You should not blush – you are a stellar blogger, Pamela! I love your blog!

  9. Hey Karen! I noticed your absence! Since I’ve been mostly absent, too, it was easy to chalk it up to summer and your writing pursuits.
    Thanks for the new blog links. Heading over to check some out now 😉
    Happy writing, drawing, editing….

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