Will you be remembered after the writers’ conference?

fargoI am attending a writer/blogger conference in Fargo, North Dakota, this month.

I looked back on my writers’ conference tips, written last year. I also wrote about “branding” back in 2013 – you can see that link here.

For this conference, I thought…

How do I want to present myself? (The Word Shark, editor extraordinaire)

How do I want to dress? (professionally, in colors to match my website and blog)

What do I need to have? (biz cards, a name tag, give-away pens)

People are going to remember me because

I dressed like a professional editor – sensible shoes, a blazer, neat hairdo, spare make-up. And everything about me is going to scream, “Shark!”


I’m not going to use any entry-table name tag, no way. I made my own. You guessed it – it has a shark on it.

Hand outsDSC02485

I will have The Word Shark biz cards and give-a-way pens with a shark charm (people will take me home with them).

North Dakota bloggers on FB

I discovered and joined the FB group, North Dakota Bloggers. There has been some chit-chat about the conference, and I have connected with a handful of attendees as well as presenters.

Research the presenters

Before any conference, you get a who’s-presenting email. Do look up these people, connect with them on social networking, follow their blogs ahead of conference time.

Magazine articles

One of the presenters at this conference is the editor of a local, regional magazine. Will I have a couple of articles to hand her? You bet your dorsal fin!


Don’t just show up at the conference – engage. Talk to people, ask questions about their projects, and participate in discussions. Exchange cards so you can send a follow up email, “Nice to meet and you at the conference…”

When all the conference-goers go home

They will pick up my shark pen and say, “Hey, maybe I do need an editor.”


Conference ready!

Got the shark name tag

Got shark-pen give-away swag

Got a flashy shark shirt for downtown Fargo walk-about

Got a quiet shark tee and blazer for the conference crowd

Got the biz cards, ready to hand out

It’s all conference I’m about!


How do you prepare for a writers’ conference?

What’s your favorite thing about attending a writers’ conference?


Cool shark-charm pens custom made by The English Rose.



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15 responses to “Will you be remembered after the writers’ conference?

  1. You Rock Karen! Love the cards and pens 🙂

  2. YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED! I have no doubt. Me? I’m too shy and would hide in the corner. Maybe hand out a bookmark or two, but apologetically. I need a SHARK in my corner!

  3. Karen, you never cease to be an inspiration! You’re going to knock ’em dead and certainly plant some seeds that may sprout later.

    Another tip for after you get home — pull out all the business cards from others you collect and send them a “Great to meet you at the conference” email while you’re still on their minds.

    Good luck. Let us know short-term and long-term which strategies you’d do again or do differently.

    • karenrsanderson

      Great idea to follow up after the conference! And I will definitely have a follow-up blog post-conference.

  4. Karen, just so you know, I will never forget you, or your kind words and how they moved me. I am glad I know you, and appreciate all the helpful writing tips you share.

    • karenrsanderson

      Thanks, Sarah! I won’t give you a chance to forget me, how’s that? 🙂
      The video you showed at the conference – is that on Youtube? Or is there a link to it? I would love to share it on my FB page.

  5. What great advice! Love all of this! It was fun meeting you at the ND conference. I believe we sat next to each other in the third roundtable.

    I never even thought about printing your own nametag, but that is a really good idea! I love how you’ve branded yourself. 🙂 Keep it up!

  6. karenrsanderson

    Yes, I believe we did, Devin. It was the best conference ever. And I’m glad I got to talk to so many of the participants. My name tag was actually just one of my biz cards, and that was my daughter-in-law’s idea.

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