Sinking my Shark teeth into Barbara Forte Abate

Barbara Forte AbateEditing Barbara Forte Abate’s third novel, Painted From Memories, was an extreme pleasure for me. Barbara is an incredible writer.

She took critique and suggestions well, and she also told me where I was off or just plain wrong. We have had a steady stream of correspondence going ever since, both professional and personal.

I now count her among my bestest of best friends.

With no further ado, see what Barbara has to say about getting The Word Shark treatment –

Cleaning up my mess.

Oh, this is fun!

And stay tuned – I’ll be assisting with Barbara’s Painted From Memories release day, Tuesday, June 24.

Barbara Forte Abate PFM


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6 responses to “Sinking my Shark teeth into Barbara Forte Abate

  1. Hey Karen! What fun to start this sunshiny day over here treading in Shark infested waters 😀

    Regardless of what it is we’re putting on the page, it’s personal. An act of love and devotion to whatever it is we have to say. Handing over a finished piece of writing for nuts and bolts assessment can seriously rock the psyche and jar the soul, and it’s a fact that not any shark will do. The fact is you do an amazing job and you’re a joy to work with.

    So thrilled to have you at my party!

  2. Congratulations to you both! Exciting times ahead!

  3. Love this, and Barbara’s experience with your editing services are right in line with mine. But of course, she can tell about it with such wonderful humor and warmth!

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