Writing about writing blog tour

shark2 - CopyAs part of the Writing About Writing blog tour, I’d like to introduce Esther Miller and Deb Hockenberry.


Esther Miller blogs about her travels around the country and about moments that have changed her life in some way. See her blog On The Road Again.

Esther has worked professionally in special education and mental health and has had a variety of volunteer jobs. Gardening, cooking, and ham radio are among her many interests. She married and raised her family in California, then lived in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for nearly 14 years. She recently returned to California to be near family.


Deb Hockenberry blogs about anything “kid.” Her blogs include personal experiences as a child wanting to write, book reviews of children’s books, and author interviews. See her website Kidztales here.

Deb has always wanted to write for children since she was a child herself. She loved making up and telling stories to her siblings and the neighborhood kids. She belongs to The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Deb has also taken two courses from The Institute of Children’s Literature and is taking an ongoing course in writing for children from The CBI Clubhouse. Each year, she looks forward to attending The Muse Online Writer’s Conference, or as she calls it, MuseCon.

Deb currently resides in the beautiful mountains of Central Pennsylvania. At any time of the year, these mountains are a sight to behold. In the autumn, the hillsides are dotted with red, gold, yellow, and orange. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, crocheting, music, movies, and gardening.


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4 responses to “Writing about writing blog tour

  1. I already love Esther’s blog, and thanks for the link to meet Deb!

  2. These are wonderful picks, Karen! Like Denise, I’m already a huge fan of Esther Miller’s writing, and I’m glad to see her get more exposure. I can’t wait to visit Deb’s blog. I find so often that things intended for children can be as deep and thought-provoking as those intended for adults.

  3. karenrsanderson

    I agree, Elizabeth. If we are not children’s lit writers ourselves, we tend to overlook those writers. But sometimes, we can learn a little bit about writing from wandering into other genres. I know I have!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Deb. (i’ve met Esther here before) I love meeting other children’s authors.

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