Haiku for autumn



A rainbow of leaves

Orange glows with flaming red

Autumn blazes bright.


Crunching storm of leaves

Trees let go of summer

Naked branches stand starkly.


Evergreens whisper

In the dark carpeted woods

Hush before the snow.


Wood smoke curls skyward

Announcing chilly evening

We need more kindling.


When trees are dropping

Vibrant leaves dapple the ground

Then shade disappears.


From a blossom grows

Immense orange globes for pie

Cut a crooked smile.


Filed under Prose & Poetry

8 responses to “Haiku for autumn

  1. Karoline Stock

    A great description of Fall. My favorite time of year!

  2. I love it, Karen. It makes me miss the autumn that I know will be showing soon in Virginia but makes me rejoice that I won’t be facing that winter to come.

  3. karenrsanderson

    I like the fall…except that it leads to winter! 🙂

  4. Audrey Keith

    I’m with you, Karen. Although I can remember liking winter. I think it was 65 years ago. I love the haiku.

  5. Fills the senses. Lovely. Can’t wait for it to be autumn in California. (sigh)

  6. karenrsanderson

    Thank you Audrey and Susan. I don’t much like winter at all, especially when the wind chills are in the -30s or -40s! Though I do like to watch the leaves change.

  7. So happy to be heading into my absolute favorite time of year, and this delicious Haiku you’ve composed is the perfect soundtrack–intoxicating aroma for the senses 😀

    • karenrsanderson

      Thanks, BFA! I like autumn, though now that I live in North Dakota, I know it leads to six or seven months of winter! Bah! I love the colors of the east and northeast. We don’t see much but yellow here. But I still love the “feel” of autumn.

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