A zombie poem

My zombie friend, Megan.

My zombie friend, Megan.

Little Zombie  

Little zombie, you think you’re stylin?

Blood drippin’ down your shirt.

With your herky-jerky, lumbering lurch.

Ain’t ‘gonna get us, we’re on alert.

Little zombie, right next door,

Tearing through their chain link fencing.

Banging down the neighbor’s entry.

Your inhuman strength is oh-so frightening!

Little zombie, you’re so scary.

Are those brains, gray and mushy,

Spilled upon your dirty feet?

Don’t look now, your toes are squishing.

What yellow fangs you’re a baring.

Gaping mouth, you’re getting anxious.

Baseball bats don’t knock you down.

We’ll have to raid the gun collection.

See my boy, he’s packing heat.

He’ll use his gun to make you dead.

To his shoulder, butt stock goes,

Oh little zombie, where’s your head?

Cool Dad


Filed under Horror, Prose & Poetry

7 responses to “A zombie poem

  1. Karoline Stock

    Very cute and great that you made Kenton the hero! Happy Halloween!!

  2. Hee-Hee – Happy Halloween!

  3. Mar-vel-OUS! Happy Halloween. 😈

  4. Happy Halloween! This was fun, Karen. And I’m glad the good guy wins!

    • karenrsanderson

      He sure does have many talents, Esther. He did my Halloween make-up tonight, too.

      Thank you all for your comments. I like this zombie poem and plan to include it in my poetry collection, publication date – to be determined.

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