Dragon books give-a-way, with Shawn MacKenzie

red-dragon[1]Do you know I’m a fan of Dragons? I’m a Welshman after all.

But since I met Shawn MacKenzie, I’ve become a Dragon fanatic. Shawn blogs about Dragons at MacKenzie’s Dragon’s Nest.

Quotes from her books, published by Llewellyn –

From Dragons for Beginners9780738730455[1]

In Wales, land of many Dragons, there is a saying: Y gwir yn erbyn y bydd! “Truth against the world!” And nothing imparts truth like a tête-à-tête with a Dragon. It is an experience guaranteed to beat back the darkest night like Dragonfire, and to remind us that, across leagues and eons, Dragons remain the one universal, familiar bit of magic we carry with us. And in return they carry our awe.

In the end, the fight for Dragons is a fight for ourselves, and it is our very need that keeps them with us. From the smallest house dragon to the grandest emerald Queen, Dragons are the sinew that binds us to Earth, to the mystical, and to each other. They are the joy and truth—the inspiration, even—of the universe. We hold on to them, we thrive; we let them go, we die.

It is simple. Without their glory and grandeur, their supernal nobility lifting our eyes, we would still be struggling to see beyond the next hill, not looking to the stars.

From The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook – 9780738727851[1]

Once you cut through the layers of archaic spin, the fact remains that we don’t particularly pique their appetites. If Dragons want something that tastes like chicken, they go for the real thing.

There will always be people who cling to what is safe and familiar, who look at Dragons and see only monsters to fear and slay. The fault, dear reader, is not in our Dragons but in ourselves.

It’s up to us to change. We did it before, we can do it again. It is up to us – Dragons and Dragon lovers alike – to keep the flames of magic, the songs of Dragons, alive.

Here, There Be Dragons, standing with us, alone in one place together. And when we are gone, a Dragon will be here still, shouting to the Universe: I am!


During Shawn’s MONTH OF THE DRAGON in October, I commented on every post. Not because I wanted to win her books – I have both Dragon books already – but just ‘cause I love her MOTD posts.575204_384488221601463_987865384_n[1]

I said if I won, I’d gift my prize to someone else. And I won! 

Now for the re-gifting give-away – one rule

You have to go to one of Shawn’s MOTD posts and make a comment. You should read a few of her blogs, but even if you cheat a little and don’t read the blog, you’ll be treated to some of the most fantastic Dragon art you’ll ever see.

Deadline – post a comment on one of Shawn’s blogs by November 10th at midnight. Winner will be announced November 15th.

The prizes – signed copies of both

Dragons for Beginners & The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook

Here are just a few of Shawn’s Month of the Dragon posts –

Adopt a Dragon Week 2 – Adopt a dragon, AAD

Habitat Loss and Mischief in the Night – Dragons of Madagascar, India, and China, et al

AAD Week – Planet Out of Whack, Dragons in Need – With Dragon flags of the world, Finland, Canada, Russia

AAD Week – Near Eastern Dragons, The Hatchlings of War – With more Dragon flags of the world, Persia, Petra, Egypt

Kid-friendly Dragons and Their Tales – Where Shawn shares some her favorite dragon tales. Did you know How to Train Your Dragon started as a book?

St. Francis Knew Best – Kiss a Dragon Day – “Also, keep plenty of lip balm on hand…”

Keeping the Dragon Fires Burning, Safely – “And be sure to have your insurance premiums current, just in case.”


So go to one of Shawn’s blogs and

make a comment and be entered to win

Dragons for Beginners and The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook.


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12 responses to “Dragon books give-a-way, with Shawn MacKenzie

  1. Reblogged this on MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest and commented:
    A second chance for Dragon lovers….

  2. Done, and what a treat – Here’s my favorite quote from one of Shawn’s posts: “There is always truth in Dragon lore.”

    • karenrsanderson

      Shawn’s books are AMAZING. I own, and have read, both “Dragons for Beginners” and “The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook.” I thank my Dragons every day that Shawn and I found each other. She’s an editor, too, and a darn good one. Hope you posted on her blog – you need to post on one of her MONTH OF THE DRAGON blogs to be entered for this give-a-way.

    • The Dragons tell me so, Elizabeth, and I learned years ago never to cross a Dragon. 😉

  3. Reblogged this on the secret keeper and commented:
    Books so magical and a brilliant author to boot in Shawn MacKenzie ❤

  4. Congratulations on your win Karen. I saw the word dragon in my email header, so had to come see, and what a treat. Thanks for the directions to the Dragon’s Nest. 🙂
    (By the way, the Adopt a dragon, AAD link isn’t working in your post.)

  5. This is so sweet of you Karen ❤
    I consider myself to be 'adopted Welsh', as I live in Newport now and this is very much home ^_^

  6. what fun! I left a few comments – particularly liked the take a dragon to work day (plan to take mine with me tomorrow – and maybe Thursday to the library where she can enforce timely returns of books and DVDs)

    • karenrsanderson

      I had fun with this one too, Sue. However, I have a small Ford Mustang, so my Dragon buddy had to trot along (no room in the backseat). Make sure you comment on Shawn’s site – that’s the wiinning ticket. .

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