Dragon books give-a-way winner, with Shawn MacKenzie

red-dragon[1]The winner of last week’s Dragon books give-a-way…

Sue Heavenrich

Congratulations, Sue!

Shawn MacKenzie will contact you to arrange delivery of

Dragons for Beginners and The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook.

Sue’s blog

You might like some of Sue’s science posts on her blog Archimedes’ Notebook – “hands-on science exploration for children and their parents.”

From Sue’s blog…

Things to Do in FallIMG_0799

plant daffodils and lilies

watch maples turn red

collect acorns

pick apples

find glow-in-the-dark mushrooms

plant garlic

follow woolly bear caterpillars

map monarch migration

star gaze

make leaf printsIMG_0813

hunt for insect galls

do bark rubbings

walk like a fox

make a nature wreath

collect flower seeds

make a compost pile

rake leaves into a pile and jump in

collect every color of leaf


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6 responses to “Dragon books give-a-way winner, with Shawn MacKenzie

  1. Congrats, Sue. And thank you, Karen. You did a beautiful job.

  2. Reblogged this on MacKENZIE's Dragon's Nest and commented:
    And we have a winner! Congrats, Sue Heavenrich! Thank you, Karen, for your labors and everyone who dropped by and took a chance for Dragons.

  3. Sounds like Sue can make science fun for all of us! Glow in the dark mushrooms sounds intriguing…

  4. How’d I miss this? Darn, still unpacking boxes. Stay warm and watch the dragon’s breath of fire.

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