The lake sunrise experience

Rugby Point, Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota

The water is like glass, reflecting the sky. The horizon – mauve to pink to orange to pale yellow to blue.IMG_1849

I think I’m the only one up, except for a few mosquitos. One annoys me, buzzing my ear.

No traffic, no machines, and no birds, not yet. And then a water bird, sounding out a stuttering moan. Across the lake I can see a set of creeping headlights through dense trees. It sounds like a heavy vehicle.IMG_1851

A twittering bird and a “scree scree.” A solitary bird flies over. A dove in the distance – coo coo coo. Then a small group of birds takes flight, from inland and out over the lake. A line of clouds hovers, southeast.

IMG_1857Ripples start on the lake. And the surface has turned pink, welcoming the coming of the sun. More birds join in – twittering and tweeting.

I hear a pop as (I think) a fish surfaces nearby. A few ducks quack. It is still cool – sweatshirt needy.IMG_1859

The clouds on the horizon are showing salmon-colored underbellies. The sun is still behind the tree line…I watch it creeping up, closer and closer, along the tops of the trees.

The sun breaks the horizon, a huge golden ball, reflected on the water, a golden flame.





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23 responses to “The lake sunrise experience

  1. Oh, Karen, I was THERE with you. What a gift – a solitary dawn, the sun greeting you with her glorious colors, the birds chirping their sleepy greetings. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Beautiful, Karen. Much as I love Vermont, there is something about a still MIdwestern lake at dawn that still takes the breath.

  3. My “morning on a lake” memory is so very different…a mountain lake shrouded in fog, with loons in the near distance…but memories like that stay forever. Whenever you need to escape a boring meeting and go to your happy place, you now have a new place to go.

    • karenrsanderson

      I don’t know if there are loons in ND, but some birds/fowl I could not identify. It’s a wonderful memory.

  4. Karoline Stock

    Sounds like a wonderful spot! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • karenrsanderson

      It was a wonderful spot. And even better since the kids and grands came Saturday/Sunday. Wayne and Shawn both caught their first fish! I had my alone time AND family/grand time. How awesome is that?

  5. Looks like a piece of heaven to me. Thanks for sharing.

    • karenrsanderson

      It was heaven (mostly). I loved the outdoors of the place, being on the water, and the weather was near-perfect every day.

  6. Beautiful images. Almost makes me wat to get up before 8 AM. 😀

  7. Paulie

    So good. I was there with you. Twice.

  8. Lovely play by play of the lake sunrise…that’s my favorite time of day.
    Thanks for sharing, and the photos too. So gorgeous!

    • karenrsanderson

      It’s my favorite time of day, too. Especially on that lake! And before others are up and making people noises.

  9. What a great reminder of why I love sunrise, especially over the water. You made these bird sounds so real I thought it was at my window!

    • karenrsanderson

      Ah, you are too kind, Still-Calling-You-JJ. I wrote those notes in my notebook while I was watching and listening and experiencing. I edited very little, I swear!

  10. I’ve got to stop commenting on WordPress blogs from my iPad or cell phone. They don’t “take” for some reason. I know I commented on this, because I loved the way you transported me right to the lake with you — and the photos are marvelous! Thank you for creating a few minutes of vacation while I sat in my easy chair.

    • karenrsanderson

      That morning, and a few others like it, were one of the best parts of that mini vacation. (I know what you mean about the electronic snafu – I have a weird problem when I post new photos from my phone to FB)

  11. Just beautiful Karen ~ the story, the photos and the feeling like we were there with you. I love mornings like that ~ they simply soothe the soul, don’t they?

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