Puddles…a short poem




by Karen R. Sanderson


The puddle prompts a memory

of a simmering summer day

After the rain

A perfect rainbow arced across the sky

A little boy skipped, hopped, and jumped in

He scooped up the mud and smeared it

on scrawny arms and knobby knees

His smile shined through

His giggles, too

The puddle reflects my face

and sees my memory

I jump in with both feet


Filed under Prose & Poetry

11 responses to “Puddles…a short poem

  1. Love it!! Puddles bring out the inner child in us.

  2. Karoline Stock


  3. karenrsanderson

    I had to use the backyard hose on my little guy before I took him in the house. Still an awesome memory…30 years later.

  4. Oh, you evoke so much with this short poem. Excellent!

  5. Wonderful! Instead of jumping, puddles make me want to kick and see how far I can make the water splash. What a marvelous memory you captured and brought us all back to memories of our own.

  6. Great poem! Now I feel like I want it to rain so I can hop in a puddle and feel that child-like joy!

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