Going with the burn-out flow

IMG_1851About a year and a half ago, I realized I was experiencing social networking burn-out. It just got worse and worse.

I referred to my own blog about this problem, and tried the tips I’d written myself: Avoiding blog burn-out.

I tried more tricks:

Trim the blogs I subscribe to

Don’t blog as much

Don’t get on social networking so much

When on social networking, don’t spend as much time there

I exercised more. Made more art. Stepped outside. Read more. Socialized more.

Nothing helped. I was still burned out, and I couldn’t kick it.

And then, after a recent phone conversation with Elizabeth H. Cottrell of Heartspoken– to discuss my burn-out – it finally occurred to me (can you say, “Duh”?).

My life changed about a year and a half ago, and my energies were being funneled into new and challenging activities.

I started a new job in the summer of 2014. Learning a new job (with about an hour of training from the previous gal) took a toll. I love the job, but it can be exhausting.

I started going to a university class, fall 2014. It was only one class a semester, but it was a lot of work.

Then, the summer of 2015, I started tap dance lessons (yes, at 57 y.o.). Tap was always something I wanted to do, and now I’m doing it.

And this semester I’ll be taking two classes at Minot State University, so I’ll have even less time to social network and blog.IMG_1846

While Elizabeth did give me some great ideas for a new direction for my blog, I’ll tell you right now – I won’t be blogging as much. And I won’t be feeling guilty about it.

I have new priorities, so I took a look at blogging and realized it’s just not a huge priority now. While I will blog occasionally, I just won’t be popping up in your feed as much as I did before.



Photos by me from Lake Metigoshe, Summer, 2015.


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26 responses to “Going with the burn-out flow

  1. I’d take living over blogging any day. More power to you, Karen! Keep those toes atapping. 😉

  2. Sounds like you are doing some fun things. Enjoy!!

  3. Karoline Stock

    Sounds like a reasonable evolution. Good luck with your new classes. You’re a busy gal!

  4. I’m proud of you for thinking through this! It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and think we’ve got to keep doing what we’ve been doing. I’m so grateful you shared this, because I feel quite sure it will resonate with others who need to take something off their plate to make room for something else more fulfilling and important to them. Life changes, and we have to change with it.

    And just as we all enjoy the rare letters in our mailbox from old friends, we’ll enjoy your posts in our Inboxes when you feel called to write them! Keep sharing these insights. They’re great!

    • karenrsanderson

      Life does change. A few years ago I never would have believed that I’d be going to university classes for a degree. Not to mention actually taking tap classes! And yes, sometimes other things have to give.

      Funny thing is, since we spoke, I’ve started about 5 new blog posts! But I’m taking my time with them. They will be there on my computer when I decide to do another blog post.

  5. Blogging IS wonderful and the blogging community amazing, but you’re right, sometimes you have to cut the ties and live and enjoy other things in life. 😀

  6. Way to go Karen. You take care of you first. We are no good to anyone if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. I will still look forward to you blogs whenever they get here. Hugs

  7. As long as you’re getting some personal satisfaction and fulfillment from the new direction that’s whats important. And, if you can still blog occasionally so that we know what you’re up to and how you are, then most of us will be happy. There will always be some who feel deserted and that they should be your priority.but you have a life….live it.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. I ‘get’ this, even though I’m sad because I love knowing what you’re up to, what you’re thinking about, always written so well in your blog posts. Please, just promise you’ll share some insights in a blog about your classes – I bet you’ll have a lot to share there. Going to university classes at 57 is a feat and a challenge that we’ll all be cheering you on — from the blogging world. I love, though, how your creativity is being stretched in some many wonderful ways.

  9. Audrey A keith

    Good for you. It’s always interesting to hear what you’re dong/thinking.Most time spent on social networking is a total waste of time. Or maybe everyone else has a lot more interesting Facebook than I do. But I doubt if anybody really wants me texting them every 10 minutes to let them know my oh so interesting doings or terribly important thoughts, and I certainly don’t care to be appraised of everyone else’s. But I love your blog, and will enjoy it when I do get it.

    • karenrsanderson

      I certainly agree on social networking. Much of it is spammy, silly stuff. I don’t really text that much, and nobody texts me a lot – thank goodness! Thanks for sticking around Audrey.

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