Winter Haiku



Icicle fingers

Icy lace accents the eaves

Let’s curl under the blanket.


Skiing on white caps

White out blinds the shushing eye

Casted leg propped up.


Minus fifty chills

Frostbitten nose and fingers

Another toddy?


Care to add one of your own? 


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11 responses to “Winter Haiku

  1. Audrey A keith

    I dislike winter, but your haiku made me smile. Ad the sun is finally shining.

  2. Winter has only recently arrived here (better late than never). I can’t wait for spring.
    Your haiku paint wonderful pictures. ❤ ❤

  3. Is your leg casted up, Karen? I hope not. LOVED these delightful pieces of Haiku.

  4. Many toddies needed here. 🙂 Love your wintry haiku.

  5. Jessica

    Snow snow snow snow snow
    Ice ice ice ice ice ice ice
    Cold I’m staying in!

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